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  • ok, that's awesome.
    I looked into your 4896 router and it seems pretty popular. I'm going to start researching to begin my build.
    <<Forgot to ask, you mentioned that I could add a dual head 3D printer extruder to my CNC table. Would that give it the ability to be a 3d printer?>>

    Yes it does. Once you have a machine that you can control in X, Y and Z (a CNC machine) it doesn't matter what you put on the machine. It could be a router, 3D printer head, plasma torch, laser, etc...

    I'm going to make a "quick change" mount for mine so I can switch between the spindle (variable speed router) and an extruder.

    P.S. "dual head" only means you can print in two colors without having to stop and change the media. A single head would work just as well.
    Hi T,

    I've got a CNC Router Parts 4896 CNCRouterParts

    If you google "CNC router" you'll find dozens of kits and plans and parts and newsgroups, etc... Youtube is a good source also, there's a nice build of a 4848 going together.

    Hi Will,

    BEGI is one of the old top dogs in the industry. You can turbocharge just about anything. If you can fabricate and weld, you can build your own system cheaper than even this system. It will take longer and you might not get it right the first time but you learn a lot more. If you can't fab and weld, a kit is the way to go and $1600 is cheap for a kit even if it is pretty basic.

    You'll need something to handle the fuel delivery chores (more air needs more fuel) BEGI does rising rate regulators which kind of work but really not the right way to do things and they rely on the factory knock sensor to retard timing, again, it can work ok. If you are on a budget, this is probably the way you have to go. Otherwise you'd need to go with a stand alone ECU.

    Take your pick on turbo suppliers, there are hundreds of them if you want separate parts. I've used Turbonetics and Turbo Technology in WA state in the past and BEGI for intercooler cores.


    unfortunately all their smaller stuff under 75 hp is all marine stuff and doesn't come from other sources. some of te small 5 hp stuff will cross over to the industrial vertical and horizontal crankshaft engines. but with the 2 and 3 cylinder engines they are strictly marine designs. ry couldn't be much help on that small of an engine. there is a site Boats.net - New and Used Boats for Sale, Outboard Boat Motors, and Discount Outboard Boat Parts that has a free online microfische that you can look at and get part numbers from from all makes and models of honda, yamaha, ect engines. and not just limited to marine either.
    I don't think I follow you. Basically, one uses the provided electric motor RPM to determine prop diameter and the desired advance ratio. From there, total blade area can be considered with a view to optimum loading. The motor torque advantage is that this loading can be maintained at different flight conditions where it would formerly be unlikely or impossible, using a blade that is more aerodynamically efficient because of continuous, smooth power delivery. Ideal aircraft motor RPM is below that of an ICE, so 3600-4000 RPM is suboptimal for a fullscale aircraft prop, even a small multibladed one.
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