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    still trying to figure out how this thing works now on posting, my bad
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    For the Nieuport Builders

    The other factor, of course, is cost. A brand-new Browning M2 would set you back about $15,000; Thats the cheapest part of the equation, Then you have to feed them.
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    The big video topic

    A unique piece of history I was not aware of.
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    I'm envious of you guys....

    YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD Mad, I’m 56 years old and young people seem to have a hard time communicating face to face nowadays.
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    Famous Last Words....

    On the flip side (It’s never done that before)
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    Famous Last Words....

    You think I can make it between there?...........NOPE !
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    Don't Do Anything Dumb

    This may have been posted in another thread a few years back, but it’s worth remembering.
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    Another Ultralight-ish High Wing Idea

    Be careful, some of them do not hold up well with sideloads.
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    Turboprop for ultralights

    It’s been done. He has other videos of it flying .
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    Happy New Year, but the end has come..

    This would be considered a 10 in idaho ;)
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    The big video topic

    Opening scene to 6 Underground
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    About That Seating Capacity...

    No matter what your station in life your at, if your type of individual that can do anything when your handed nothing to work with that makes you the pilot in command. Unfortunately there’s always someone on your back.Oops I forgot the winky thing;) thanks for the thread victor I’ve been...
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    About That Seating Capacity...

    Lady’s and gentleman the future of air travel ;) https://www.insider.com/skyrider-standing-airplane-seats-claims-makes-flights-cheaper-2018-4
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