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    preceptor aircraft

    @ AZ Walt - Yes, I will be offering plans, kits & ELSA version and possibly SLSA. We will be happy to sell "a piece at a time". Sorry - I don't know where you could find the video's. I'll keep my eyes open. @ High Altitude - Yes, we will be offering "builders plans". I don't want to dirty up...
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    preceptor aircraft

    Leonard, I was thinking along the same line..... I created a support forum on www.fly-ultralight.com with a section dedicated to the Preceptor Aircraft. Also, in a joint venture with Miller Performance Thetford Aerospace is tooling up to manufacture a very close "replica" of the Ultra Pup. Once...
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    For Sale CGS Hawk Classic Wings, complete w/sails

    I've got a complete extra set of CGS Hawk classic Wings. I have not punch tested the sails, but I think it would be marginal (9 lbs). There is a little bit of hanger rash, three holes no bigger than a quater, and on three inch long hole. The holes are very minor, easily patched. These wings DO...
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    Wanted Graham Lee Nieuport 11 wings.

    Can you post a update on your Nieuport 11 project? I've got a set of Wings..... let me know if there is anything I can help you with, looks like your not that far from my shop.
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    Will a Rotax 462 from a snowmobile make a good engine?

    Direct drive on a two stroke Rotax (and/or Kaw. 440) is a BAD plan! The engine was not designed to handle the forces of a direct mount prop. One aspect of the gearbox engineering is that it absorbs the appropriate amount of forces. The other big factor is prop tip speed as Jake pointed out...
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    preceptor aircraft

    And I thought I was the only one that got suckered by this guy! I paid for a set of plans about two years ago.... never got them. I called and bugged him for months, it was always some excuse why he had not mailed them, and he was going to drop them in the mail right now...... Well, I still...
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    Is this aluminum OK to use???

    Structurally your ok to use it... but most likely you will have corrosion problems at a later date, espicially since you are a "novice" sheetmetal worker. Take a high-speed with a scothbrite & MEK and clean the surface, then treat with Alodine for about 20 to 30 seconds, wash with water, fab...
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    CH701 AVEX rivets

    Avdel Global markets the "Avex" rivets... they are manufactured in China, and from personal experience the quality varies from batch to batch. The A4/A5 aren't hard to find. You can always ask Chris what his tension/sheer spec is on a given rivet area/application and use this info to cross...
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    for all you rotax guys

    Thanks for the info! I'll look into this
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    Wanted Better Nose Gear For Hawk

    Re: WANTED Better Nose Gear For Hawk Hey, thanks man! I really like the looks of the custom flight systems gear!
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    Wanted Better Nose Gear For Hawk

    Re: WANTED Better Nose Gear For Hawk I love the Hawk, flies great. I'm really liking the flaps.... they work great! About the Nose Gear - I remember seing a company that made a nose gear for hawks & challengers...... I think I saw it advertised on ebay about a year ago, but for the life of...
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    Vortech Engines

    Yeah...... ok, back to the thread, does anybody have any feedback on Vortech? I've thought about buying from them myself.
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    Wanted Better Nose Gear For Hawk

    I need to replace my nosegear on my CGS Hawk, I don't really like the factory one, anybody got any suggestions? Thanks