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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    I'm looking at adding a workshop on my property here in Tempe and will probably go with Miracle Truss. Is that building working well for you, Pops?
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    Help with Chicago Pneumatic "Corner Hammer" mini rivet gun

    Must have been used in production somewhere. I’ve never seen one like that in the field. You can put an external regulating valve on it.
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    Parts For Sale Cri Cri project for sale

    Took your pills today, VB?
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    Parts For Sale Public Service Announcement MC-30 Luciole Project FS

    You actually take pills for that? I thought that was something you just had a natural talent for or went to school for it. Thin sheetmetal for the wing D-tube seems ok. Fuselage???? Something like the Hummel UC??? I can't think of an easier solution than tube and gusset for structures...
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    Removing Fabric - Wood Wing

    I used a heat gun mostly in the removal of fabric from my Cygnet wings. I believe it was Stewart Systems that originally used in the covering process. To prevent burning my hand I wore a glove that I've used when covering RC planes with Monokote. Carefully pull the fabric back on itself, using...
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    Barrows Electric Bearhawk Ultralight Runup

    I recently joined that cult just to get access to all the good airplane stuff I could find there….at times it seems like a mistake when my “friends” post cringeworthy ramblings. You just have to sit back and enjoy the ride….Don’t know if Dave Bowman enjoyed his ride. Next time you come across...
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    What happened to REVMASTER ?

    Well, who’s gonna pick up the slack and keep the Revmaster line going? I know there are some proprietary components and all but I hope it’s not just allowed to die.
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    What happened to REVMASTER ?

    I hope that's not the case. I acquired a project back in May that included a Revmaster with "0" flight hours. I did send an email to the Revmaster folks and tried to stir up some conversation with them about this particular serial number. I do want to replace the induction tube rubber hoses and...
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    O-100-- interesting new engine

    I had the same experience when seeing Pete's engine at Copperstate. I got to talk with Pete for a while and I had hands on the airframe when he ran the engine to full power. No noticeable vibration beyond what you would expect from a reciprocating engine powered aircraft and the idle was smooth...
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    Best aviation video.

    Seven stations!!!!!! You’re putting on airs VB……we had a grand total of 3 stations and I mean the big 3…..and the local PBS station if ya want to count that one. Oh, and we eventually got one of those fancy UHF stations. Nothing but snow after midnight.
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    Steel parts finishing

    As you stated, the fuselage gets covered up so why not use your supply of paint on all the steel components? What‘s the worst thing that could happen? The PPG paints that I have seen in the past is hard as glass and your steel components should be well protected by using it. I wouldn’t hesitate...
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    Steel parts finishing

    Make a test sample using the current product that you have and see how it reacts with your intended covering system. I would also think that if your cured two-part paint system doesn’t react with a strong solvent such as MEK, acetone, etc, then it should give you the results desired.
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    Paul Moller’s 50-year dream to build a flying car won’t die!

    Who’s been feeding that “dead horse”? Yes, I said ”feeding”.