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    Teman Monofly plans info.....

    Hi Kevin, I couldn't find your PM address. Please send a copy to [email protected] Thanks
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    Affordable Kit for everyone

    Since you are in India you have access to the normally aspirated 3 cylinder Ford Dragon engine. They are built in Sanand and are used in the Ecosport. It is all aluminum and makes about 120 hp. If you removed the direct injection injectors you could install compact spark plugs for a dual...
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    Questions from material specs to skin thickness

    Are you still working on the 2 place twin boom pusher project? I am interested is such a plane and have been working on a design.
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    OV-10 Bronco Replica- Redux

    I have been playing around with a similar idea, how about a side by side version of a high wing twin boom pusher? I started with the NASA GA(PC)-1 airfoil with a 48" chord and an effective wing span of 25' to provide a wing area of 100 Sq. Ft. The wing would have flaperons and would be basically...
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    Low-powered, four-seat homebuilts?

    Don't leave out the Davis DA2.
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    Automotive Engine Permission

    The Dragon 1.5l is used normally asperated in some cars in India. Tim
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    A good common engine to convert?

    Check out the new Ford Dragon motor. An all aluminum 1.5l 3 cylinder will be the base engine in the 2020 Escape.
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    Automotive Engine Permission

    You may want to look at the new Ford Dragon 1.5 liter all aluminum engine. They are the base engine for the 2020 Escape. In the Escape it is fitted with a turbo, in other application overseas it is normally asperated. I hope that Ford will make this motor available as a crate engine. Turbo...
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    What engine would YOU build

    I can't hold back any longer! It has to be the new Ford 1.5 liter 3 cylinder NA Dragon motor. It is small, light weight and has good horsepower and torque at low RPM. I would run it direct drive without the cylinder deactivation feature. As of yet it is not scheduled for any US bound cars, but...
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    davis da-5

    Has anyone seen a published Stall Speed for the DA5? My guess is that it is closer to 60 mph than it is to 51 mph.
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    Designing around the Polini Thor 250 DS

    Have developed the BTH any further? It is exactly what I would like to build. Tim Baker
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    Teledyne 4A084 Engine

    "Have you sold the engine?"
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    Revisiting Mini-IMP, Vmax Probe style designs

    If anyone is still following this thread: Has anyone considered a Mini-Imp powered by one of the new 100 to 150 hp turbo-prop engines such as this. UAVT lends engines for Group 3 & 4 UAVs | UAV Turbines This might be the case where new technology solves an old problem. Am I right that there...
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    davis da-5

    Hi Bill, Can you tell me where the DA-5 plans are located on that site. Or if you have an electronic copy please send it to me. Thanks Tim [email protected]