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    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    I have idea what you are talking about. I have the EAA version. The loader hangs and I can not get any further. I been at it for months now with no idea where to get any help.
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    Battery charger

    Just one comment. AGMs have such little self discharge they do not need a battery tender. If you insist on doing a battery tender on an AGM, be sure it is specifically for an AGM.
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    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    I have never been able to get my EAA version to load. The loader hangs. Windows 10. Have no idea where to get any help.
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    Honda Civic (Turbo) Powered RV6A 100hrs flying and counting.....

    Gear leg fairings and wheel pants were good for 15kts on my 360 powered 6.
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    Bye Aerospace Electric Updates

    There are a lot of people who come up with schemes to entice Venture capital money. This how they make their living.
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    Struts on a Glider

    You are correct but there are other considerations to this equation. The glide ratio does not change with weight changes. As the weight goes up the best glide ratio 'speed' goes up. With strong updraft currents the sight increase in sink rate does not make much difference but the added speed...
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    Engine angle

    With freeflight, RC, and control line model aircraft we always had some down and right thrust. I owned a T28B for over 20 years. It had a 5 degree down thrust. It is very obvious to the eye. This resulted in an amazing handling aircraft. There was no change in pitch / trim when changing power...
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    The concept of a flying car will eventually succeed

    Current state of Batteries? Electric cars pre date ICE cars by 30 years. So well over a hundred years later we are where we are. Batteries will never compete with ICE. Something about Laws of Physics. I have a VW Touareg Turbo Diesel SUV which weighs slightly over 5000 lbs. Recent trip from...
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    Diesel vs miller cycle

    What does NOx have to do with anything?
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    Electric Four Seat

    You are missing some physics here. First, putting 100 kwh into a battery in 10 minutes is impossible. The amount a current is incredible. The wires size is huge and heavy. With you house power being limited to 220 volts at 50 amps it well take 10+ hours. The + is because the battery and the...
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    Electric Four Seat

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    Experimental Aircraft Oxygen Systems

    Which model is this one? The specs. I see say good to 10k ft.
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    Experimental Aircraft Oxygen Systems

    What unit is good to 18k?. Most specs. I see say 10k.
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    How would you win the Sport Racing class/why am I wrong?

    This fact is right in front of everybody's eyes at Reno, Formula 1s. The old Cassutts (sic?) had thin short wings. Then came along Nemesis with its thick long wings and it was 50 mph faster that all the others. A lot of the Formula 1s now have thicker longer wings. Sailplanes knew this...
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    Experimental Aircraft Oxygen Systems

    Not true. All of the O2 comes from the same place. Big O2 Aviation bottles are filled to a higher pressure than Medical and Welding bottles because the Aviation O2 bottles are used to fill smaller aviation O2 bottles.