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    if you like flats games you can play game on site: sites.google.com/site/unblockedgames4usa
    Now that you have some time in th 750 with dual sticks, do you think they are worth it?
    I’ve been researching for a few months now, yours is one of the best records of CH750 builds I've studied. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your journey with us! I am just starting my build and look forward to reviewing what you have experienced (again) as I go. Congratulations on your success, happy new year!
    Hey, Doooooode, Missing your weekly airplane building posts. Its guys like you that keep us broke future builders hopeful.
    I like your blog, It is good to se how one of the aircraft fit together.
    One concern: I looked at your new lower baffle - what is to stop air pressure bending the seal strip back and admitting air into the lower cowl? Perhaps I do not properly understand the photo but I think the new aluminium strip should extend beneath the lower cowl lip and a narrow strip of baffle material between the strip and the cowl bottom. Air pressure would then tend to hold the seal onto the lower cowl.
    Great stuff...really looking forward to your first flight. Especially interested in how the o-235 performs.
    Hi, great blog you have, I have been pouring over it as I intend to build the same a/c with same ( o-235 ) engine so am particularly interested in your build. Not too happy that you were required to add so much ballast in the tail to compensate for the o-235. I have been thinking about what I could put in the tail to help this. I have seen reports about oil canning on the fuselage on the 750, what about adding some additional "L" angles to make what would be essentially and "X" on the fuselage sides/bottom?

    Also I have been reading the checklist on the MD-RA website and it mentions that the doors need to be able to be opened from both the inside and outside, how do you think your forward door latch will go with the inspector?

    Keep up the great posts, can't wait to see it flying and your report on how the 235 performs.
    Hi Taiser,I love to watch these things come together. I was real disappointed when the lady with the wood Cub stopped posting. When I have to make big holes like inspection holes I clamp a peace of wood to the back of the metal. and drill a pilot hole through the metal and the wood. I take the the drill bit out of the hole saw and put a bolt shank in its place. It is a lot safer way the make those big holes. Joe
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