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    change axle...

    Just weld the right size axle chunks over it, clip wing taylorcrafts had a sketch to put a 1.25 stub for the outer bearing and axle nut on the shinn axles.
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    Successful Auto Conversion Trials, Tribulations and Tips

    Look at the Canadian Northstar cooling package. It has the radiator under the spinner up front.
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    Do airboat gear drives really work?

    Can you post or send pics of your engine installation?
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    Do airboat gear drives really work?

    I visited Ballistic Gear Boxes manufacturing facilities a few months back on a driving trip. They are very willing to work with exp aircraft. Was quoted $4400 for an aircraft box. Looked like a good heavy duty box. Yes heavy 78lbs.
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    Procedure for Spar lamination?

    Is compressed wood even available commercially? I’ve looked a few times and have not found any suppliers.
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    SDS at Oshkosh 2019

    CPI-2? Have you revised it?
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    V - Witt / Witts V

    Prop drive was welded aluminium sheet with a shaft and bearing line the v8 conversion. GreatPlanes sold a cast housing and shaft with rubber damper. The wing tips lowered the flutter speed on the v-witt. Madr the wings more limber.
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    LS3 Misfire

    How much time on the engine? My v8 likes to build deposits on the exhaust stems that make for miss fires. Marvel Mystery oil keeps it away.
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    LS-3 Powered Velocity

    And all up powerplant weight, radiators, drive prop, coolant, 356lbs.
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    LS-3 Powered Velocity

    Interesting discussion. I have a bit of experience on the direct drive side as i have a v8 tailwind. It is 300 inch olds, resleved and 300b crank. 10.5 to 1 cr. It produces about 160hp at 2800 rpm. I am seeing about 185 mph at 8000ft density alt. 2800 rpm 10.5 gal/hr. Tom
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    davis da-5

    I'd like a set of plans Please tmsiegler@gmail dot com
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    Spencer Original Design

    The o200 aluminum props usually run 20-24 lbs. Same for o235. Thats one of the big hits by going to an o320 on light aircraft the 320 props hit 30-35 lbs. Also the carbon props have more vibration issues than a certified aluminum combo. I have 2 of the McCauley props for future projects they...
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    Spencer Original Design

    another thought on the cg issue. rather than change out the tail right away. try an aluminum prop. the best one I can think of was what was on my clipped wing tcart. a McCauley 7154 that was for a Grumman AA-1. the o200 would turn it up to 2850 wot. and something like 130 mph. the tcart is a lot...
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    Spencer Original Design

    I was considering certified stuff. I've seen both of those,( at least early ones) that get bent up pretty easily on stuff a cub or champ or tcart would have had no issue going through.