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    Engine failure just after take off - video

    He asked for comments and now I'm being called a prick. Wow. Some of you twisted my words and that's OK. I stand by my statements. BTW - if you can't follow how jumping out of a running airplane without a parking brake to turn on a camera didn't start the chain of events then my effort is...
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    Engine failure just after take off - video

    I shook him pretty hard because I care about him and our hobby. How am I arrogant when I am thankful he is not in my airspace? What would you describe someone who shows disregard for himself, his passenger, and any other planes at his airport. Yes, I have done a couple of bone head moves (called...
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    Engine failure just after take off - video

    BTW - do you leave your kids in a running car while you exit the car in gear without any brakes? Think about it. I'm trying to give you a SERIOUS wake up call. You don't seem to be grasping how close you came to killing yourself and a friend, twice.
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    Engine failure just after take off - video

    You did not do a proper run up after the engine was flooded and your arrogance shows in your response. It could have fouled at 100ft elevation, Then what? To say you stay in the pattern is silly. What about the empty tank? Did any crud or water get into the system? You should have parked it and...
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    Engine failure just after take off - video

    before takeoff: 1. dripping port: drain it into a 5gal jug and fix it or swap it quick with fuel in the tank. I've done a couple both ways and spill very little fuel. 1a. I was taught to select my tank before I start my plane. It's in my checklist pre start and a second time at run up. 2. non...
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    Engine failure just after take off - video

    Bad title - the engine did not fail but I did count about 10 pilot errors. Is your passenger also a pilot?
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    Flying Flea Mignet HM360/380 plans are online ...for free!

    Vb, it's your dream to pursue any way you choose but it seems that you are stuck on the Bifly even though it does not hit many of your targets that you lined out above. I may have read into your criteria more than you intended. The Balerit hits most of your goals; engine out of pilot's view...
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    Flying Flea Mignet HM360/380 plans are online ...for free!

    The HM 1000 Balerit brings the design to 1986. It appears to have constant cord wings and a pusher design. I like the low engine mount combined with a belt drive system mounted to the fuselage. This offers an uncomplicated way to try a variety of engines IMHO.
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    Anything still use foam/wood?

    Invest in your goal of carrying a passenger: Get your sport pilot ticket (you have 21 hours already). Then, do not build but save all your cash and buy a used plane or project. My 0.02
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    Craigslist today..

    It's a video game pedal and steering wheel. Good idea for a backyard video game station.
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    Wing In Ground Effect Craft Design

    flir is down to $200 attached to your iphone.
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    Aero injector

    You need a fuel pump and pressure regulator.
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    Sport Pilot

    I think the PBOR will pass soon and then watch LSA's drop in price. I sold mine a few months ago and bought an Ercoupe for $18k to keep flying and I bought a kitfox kit to build. I will be able to raise the rating of my kitfox to 1550 lb as soon as the PBOR passes. Let's face it, the only...
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    Modern day "motorcycle of the air" aircraft class?

    The plank is awesome. Would it work with Ercoupe style landing gear under each boom? The motorcycle swing arm/shock look on landing gear would be the ticket. I need to pay someone to create a set of plans so I can build a plank! My plank would have booms less than 8ft wide for trailering...