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    engine mount tubes

    The drawing below might be of use. It is for the Pitts S1-11 Super Stinker with IO-540 engine. tp
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    Small fast 'fun plane'

    No need to re-design the Cri-Cri, Michel Colomban has done it for you! Google Luciole and MC30. Alternatively the Thatcher CX4 is very smart and the designer lives in the USA, so no problem getting hold of the plans.
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    EAA Gear Load Spreadsheet

    Cheers Pat, That answers my question perfectly and one I hadn't got around to thinking about. It also explains a comment on the CX4 Yahoo Group about radius blocks! Thanks again. tp
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    EAA Gear Load Spreadsheet

    I've downloaded this spreadsheet to use for the first time to predict the limit inertial load factor for a flat aluminum gear; the Sonerai II gear fitted to a Thatcher CX4. I don't understand the label that reads "One piece gear that is free to deflect at the centre of the fuselage (1, yes, 0...
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    U shape brackets

    Link to the EAA video Homebuilders