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    Electric Hybrid

    The hybrid version of the question have perhaps a bit less to do with the present state of battery technology than pure electric has: Why would you add electric motor(s) to the IC propulsion of your air vehicle design, given that you will incur a weight penalty? One answer is probably S/VTOL...
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    Kitty Hawk reveals Heaviside, its latest flying vehicle

    These machines move a relatively small mass of air down fast and will kick up a lot of dust and dirt in outback landings. Hopefully the landing can be fully automated by a last minute button to be pushed when committed to the landing (just before going IF) in order to avoid vertigo. Messy, but...
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    How to do what I want without using a 3LS design ?

    Something like the Twin Jabiru, with the engines even closer should be close to the mission?
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    Is electric propulsion worth it?

    Depends on the mission. I would not miss that hour of gasoline if it would enable vertical takeoff.
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    Is electric propulsion worth it?

    A while back Rotax or somebody had come up with a 912 IC with an electric engine mounted on the prop shaft behind the propeller. The idea sounded excellent; IC plus electric for take-off, IC only at optimum rpm for cruise plus recharge of battery. The weight penalty of the electric engine plus 5...
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    Birdy electric motorglider

    Contra-rotating propellers would not be able to fold back for streamlining.
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    Another Ultralight-ish High Wing Idea

    The Rally 2B Micro/Ultralight had a stick from the top, It was attached leading edge of the wing above. The stick was sufficiently long enough (handgrip was about 1 m from the pivot point) to predominately give the impression of pushing/pulling the stick forward/backwards with very little feel...
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    Looking for an ISO 20’ container Flyer

    "Trailers can be 8'6" in U.S." I wondered about the 8.5 feet size limitation in the GO-Fly competition, perhaps this is it.
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    Opener BlackFly

    I am impressed with their achievement! Now I know why in the Go-Fly competition the words "vertical take off or near vertical take off" was used, maybe someone knew! Phase 2 would be interesting!
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    Water Rocket?

    Takeoff distance of Ercoupe halved by rocket assist (JATO). Water rocket would last shorter however.
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    Users on line dropped

    " I for one would like to know what the homebuilders in Nambia are doing..." I love Trump for putting us on the map Still a most valuable forum for the love of aeroplanes and ideas Andre