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    Adding starter to Global 1/2 VW?

    Know this is an older thread but did you ever put the starter on a Global engine? Wonder about doing the same. If you did do you have a picture of install?
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    Briggs & Stratton 627cc engine info/no theory, just the facts!

    Thanks for starting this thread. I too as many others are interested in the application and success of these engines. I don’t work for EPA so I don’t give a If these engines use 1 or 3 gph. The last thing that should be used to judge the horsepower output of an engine is its fuel usage...
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    Low Cost Fabric Covering

    And the test results are?
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    Low Cost Fabric Covering

    Yes, Oretex is a great product. As far as I know it is only available from one source in Alaska. The cost of the product and shipping it over 3,000 miles is way out of budget compared to Dacron, 3m adhesive and latex primer and paint. If there was a direct competitor to Oratex the price would...
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    Low Cost Fabric Covering

    Many on here looking for a low cost covering system for ultralight aircraft have turned to 3M glue and latex paint. Recently the 1.8oz uncertified fabric ACS is no longer available. So instead of $4.50/yd, what is available is $14/yd. What other common fabric can be used? There must be...
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    Chilton DW1 Build

    Like the aluminum version. A friend of mine has just started a DW-1 build. It is being done in tube and gusset. They are progressing on the fuselage and trying to decide how to construct the wings wood or aluminum.
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    Suitable airframes for industrial engines?

    My main beef with the design is getting in and out. I am looking at a slightly longer seating position and squaring the cockpit up. This would be more like a Headwind cockpit than the triangular shap it currently is.
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    Suitable airframes for industrial engines?

    I have a Super Pelican that I am re doing. I am 5’11 and yes it’s a tight fit to get in. It is my intention to rework the design at some point. Overall it is well built. The B&S engine should fly it well. They don’t approve of their engine for use in aircraft so unfortunately there won’t be a...
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    There is a new V-Twin on the market - DuroMax 713cc

    Has anyone looked at these There was a company doing a turbo kit for mud motors.
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    Aeromarine 60hp V-Twin Engine

    The Gaokin engine is around $2,500 and a red rive from Ace is 1,000.. Gaokin claims their engines are tested for 300 hrs. Have never heard what TBO is. They configure this engine for ATV's, snowmobiles and pumps. Would like to see a bunch of test hours, more than 300.