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    Express-Aircraft purchased, finally

    Man, that sucks :(
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    CNC stuff.

    :) This is true. While I have the software, stepper motors and much of the extrusion necessary, I've move something like 4 times, had one child and have another on the way. It's all I can do to keep slow progress going on my KR2S, I've not had the time nor the money to throw at the CNC rig for...
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    Subaru 4cyl engine CAD model

    I have to admit, I've been a little slack :gig: I got it mostly done, but I got sidetracked into working on the mount once I had enough of it done to get an accurate guide to fit it. I've been pretty busy with babies and work to get much else done, but I've amassed quite a collection of small...
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    Is this just the tip of the iceberg?

    It's simple really. The Cirrus design does not have ANY demonstrable spin recovery ability. Even the POH states that in the event of a spin the only recovery procedure is to pull the BRS, not much of a "recovery" at all. Any aircraft that cannot be recovered from even the most basic spin using...
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    Jet enigne idea

    Goody, If I've got it right, you want to combine the operations of the pulsejet with turbojet like augmentation. Pulse jets take a specifically sized combustion and exhaust sections. the sizes of them are determined to provide a specific resonance required for operations. the length and...
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    Hydraulic or elecric for a prop?

    6 times faster??? that's quite a speed difference. I'm still looking at a four bladed unit, so I expect to be a little out of pocket when it comes time, a 6 month waiting list is not so bad when I'm looking at 4-5 years until I'm ready to mount it. Who knows once we get settled again (yes we...
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    Hydraulic or elecric for a prop?

    Thanks for that John. :D I've pretty much settled on the MT, I'll have to admit I've not even heard of East Euro Props before, but I'll be sure to approach with caution if I do.
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    Actually yes, I did intend on using a pulsejet in that particular aircraft. It seems though my initial speed expectatrions were a touch optimistic, other than that it would be a hoot!
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    Is it wide enough yet?

    If I get performance anything like what has been simulated here in X-Plane I'll be very happy! :ban: So this is how 210HP goes on the nose of a KR2S...BTW that's 150KIAS at 58% throttle:gig:
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    Is it wide enough yet?

    Heh, I like the MT props, what can I say :D I did move the lights outboard a little, they were only just outside the prop arc, should be better now.
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    Is it wide enough yet?

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    Is it wide enough yet?

    OK Here it is, 44"wide at the shoulder. This model has be built up exactly as defined in Rhino, airfoils and all and I have to say it performs as expected. :ban: Now to get my **** together and get moving. I have a place and a plane to build! :D
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    Maiden Voyage!!! IFR, 100' & Rain!

    Does this mean you'll be putting the tin plane aside for some sleek and sexy composite number?:roll:
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    Back but busy

    Thanks mate! :D Actually it's Mrs Bancks, Mackenzie is her middle name. :) I'm not so sure about the work factor since she was born by Ceasarian Section due to essential hypertension and eclampsia, the pre-eclampsia went undetected due to the B.P. medications concealing the symptoms of the...
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    Back but busy

    Actually it was closer to 9 months go, she came 6 weeks early. :)