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    Custom Turbocharging a Continental GTSIO-520

    Ross is the MAN on this topic for sure...... 30 years ago I was involved in some radical tractor pulling rigs and we would stage 3 turbo's..... Get 110 PSI boost pressure.... Ran CO2 cooled intercoolers.. No one had tried the Methanol /Alcohol in Diesel motors like they do now...... Kool stuff...
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    Eco-Fly Smart deisel

    I doubt you could re- machine the clearances to allow for dry kerosene like JetA... Much easier to just add a small amount of 2 stroke oil at each refueling.. Probably only need a quart for each 100 gallons to restore lubricity... IMHO.
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    Alert on Azalea LLC and Bill Clapp

    This is where I post a few comments on Engineers....:gig:
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    Eco-Fly Smart deisel

    Ross ain't kidding here either...
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    Alert on Azalea LLC and Bill Clapp

    Remember..... This is the " HOMEBUILT" Aircraft forum....... Experimentals have inherent risks. From the airframe, to the fuel design, instruments and all the way to the powerplant.... Ya want a potentially safe motor... Cough up 25 grand and buy a Lycoming / Rotax Continental / Jabiru...
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    Alert on Azalea LLC and Bill Clapp

    Well said sir....
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    Van and Flowscan in the Crosshairs of a Lawsuit

    When the builder / pilot fills up the fuel line full of RTV silicone and plugs up the fuel flow..... The motor WILL quit running..... Pics are from the NTSB autopsy of the wreckage fuel system... Accident ID WPR14FA218 Mode Aviation...
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    alternative engines research

    Ha... You are kiddin, right.???:gig:
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    Return fuel flow rate?

    Great advice.. Altho my experience with a throttled back V-8 at those HP output numbers will give me BSFC numbers of .38 /.39.. BTDT..
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    Return fuel flow rate?

    Great advice..... I am in that HP range and my 3/8" lines don't hurt my output at all..... The biggest ( smallest) restriction in the entire system is the orifice size in the Flow scan Flowrator for the JPI 450...
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    Older IVO prop removal

    Ok.. That makes sense.. The shims actually push on the rods when the entire sandwich is tightened up... Correct?
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    The US education system

    If ya really want to get the teacher to credit you with a atta boy gold star..... Have him /her show,the class this video.. But before it plays have all the students guess at the amount of drag in each experiment...
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    Older IVO prop removal

    I am a bit confused..... The older IVO's didn't have torsion rods embedded in the blades to twist them ? Where did these shims get stacked at ?
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    Electric pop rivet gun versus Air driven pop rivet gun, any suggestions ?

    1/4" Stainless... HOLY CRAP..... As a builder who pulled 14,210 rivets while building my Zenith 801. I can say the air riveter is the only way to go...
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    Older IVO prop removal

    Ross is seeing the same thing I am..... This installation will just give the pitch of the prop as built. I do not see the Ivo adjuster in any pic...