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  • Thanks a lot, Stol. I asked you that because the spline type coupling seem to hold up well the engine´s forces and pulses and, therefore, could be usefull in a propeller forces isolating device.
    Hi, stol. I´ve been (still...) thinking about prop coupling devices for DDV8 instalations and have a doubt maybe you could help clarify. I´ve been looking (via web...) at those circle track / dirty track car transmissions and found that there are DD clutchless transmission set ups, in wich pilot shaft of the gear box is attached directly to the crankshaft of the engine, via a small/light flywheel-flange. IM I RIGHT??? If so, how durable are those flanges as well as the splines on the gearboxes, keeping in mind the tremendous loads the flange as well as the gearbox pilotshaft spline are subjected to???
    Have you been following the history of this particular supercharger set up ? Especially this RV-7 unit ?
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