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    Low-powered, four-seat homebuilts?

    What happens if you increase the useful load to 1500? I noticed that the original results were all 1000 or less, not more. The current Sport Aviation happens to show a BD-4C completion; the site shows a useful load of 1150 pounds on 180 or 200 HP. (And, yes...
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    Flight Helmets?

    On the other hand, when you are belted into a seat, the extra weigh of a helmet increases the likelihood of neck injuries when the head snaps forward. This obviously isn't a problem on a motorcycle, bicycle, etc. Race drivers tend to use a HANS Device or other head restraint to help mitigate...
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    Scanning Old Plans

    To send a PM in Xenforo, click on a person's name,then select "Start a conversation".
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    Delta wing airfoil

    Actually, Bill Husa (Orion) published a paper on "Airfoil selection" that included that information. Copies are available on the web; here's one link.
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    ExperCraft Online Builders Log Gone?

    There is a page. Not sure how much I can legitimately quote here, but here are two excerpts.
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    For Sale Spencer Aircar kit FS elsewhere

    I couldn't find it on Facebook, but the same ad seems to be on Barnstormers....
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    Spammers galore

    I wonder how much of that was pent-up demand; maybe it depends on the 10 day period you checked. It seems as though the CAPTCHA function was not working from about September 1st until January 1st; no way to register and no way to report it without answering a CAPTCHA challenge. So, depending...