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Since childhood, all I've ever wanted to be is a pilot. Even did a semester of college for it! Then the baby came along, and from there my dream's somehow been put on hold for these last 25 yrs. No regrets about my son! But now that I've finally got the means to build and fly my own plane, I'm not putting off this dream any longer. Bet I'm the only guy in the world with 40 hrs. logged dual and solo that hasn't got a license! I've realized that my enjoyment of flight shouldn't require the expense.

The golden age of the 20's, WWII aircraft, most any fixed wing prop flying.
Sabula, Iowa US
Current / Future projects
Currently building benches is my new garage large enough for wing construction.
Past Projects
Made jig and several wing ribs for a Roger Mann ragwing. Still have 'em! Had to move to follow job. Planning on a folding wing design now though.