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    Thanks. I think the plane will work well and improve the one area the Dragonfly (and all quickie derived aircraft) had difficulty: dealing with short dirt airfields, because it's so much fun to set down at someone old abandoned strip and camp out with friends. I was exploring around El Mirage lake bed this morning in the coyote and found just the place; the runway was well preserved but what was left of the estate was a bunch of foundations, rubble and debris. There are dozens of places like this out that way. I could get there in 20 minutes from Tehachapi, cruising at 180 mph (the typical speed a normal dragonfly could do with the 82 hp engine, according to the old newsletters and builder testimonials.) There are many reasons why I believe adding the tail will not penalize the efficiency of the plane, but I will make a post on that subject in the thread.

    If you're ever going to drop by Brian Ranch to check out the project just send me a message and I will make sure to be there.
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    I noticed on one of the other threads that you were a "collector of plans" Let me know what plans you already have and send me a mailing address. I might have some items that you would like.
    Thank you for the kind words on the Storch thread ...and for putting it on the thread. Sometimes its nice to see that someone actually sees the point you are trying to make rather than the distortion that always
    seems to come from some of the other side. I did get some support from the personal message mailbox, but its nice to see someone voice some appreciation openly.
    Mike, thanks! That means a lot coming from you! I'm following your progress on the yahoo site. You've got me wanting to build a Buttwind.
    My build has taken so much time and effort that it is almost causing me some mental problems. I will probably build a Legal Eagle next as a
    antidote. I am updating my build log now.
    It's been a year since you've updated your building log...

    Looks like some great craftsmanship ...
    Gotta Fly...
    Mike & "Jaz" the Flying Dogz , Building Steve Wittman's "Buttercup"
    Hi Steve,

    my best wishes for 2012.
    I hope everything goes as expected and a good health for you and the rest of the family.

    Hi Steve,

    I lost your last mails so if you could send them ones more.
    I’m interested in the two seat high wing plans but not right away.
    I just bought a 277Rotax for my Paris Parasol as a provisionally engine.

    I’m seriously thinking about starting a small airplane-related business in Costa Rica.
    Although a definitive move is not possible before my son has finished his studies here in Belgium, I like to get as much information as possible.
    Do you know someone who is familiar with Costa Rica’s regulations concerning aviation? Ultra light – experimental - certified airplanes ; required license ??

    Regards Johan

    [email protected]
    I LOVE your avatar, is that a morph of a FW and an Albatros ? is it representative of what you are actually building ? I myself just started on a plug for an Albatros DVa.
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