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    Trade Help me out PLEASE

    Seriously? I'm Steve, I'm 54. I may not last long please buy me an RV6 with your donations.
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    For Sale Squadron Aviation Spad 13 ultralight Replica Bi plane430 Cayuna SHARP!

    1986-87-build 70Hrs TTEA. disc brakes, steerable tailwheel. cht,egt,tach,asi,turn n bank,alt,sight tube fuel gauge,gearbox temp, baggage sling.2nd owner purchased from builder. Have 1987 sport aviation mag picturing this plane! Runs and Flys Now.Real Looker. must sacrifice. $6500.Will post a...
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    For Sale Tail dragger FlutRbug Runs ,Flys,Looks nice.13.000 or reasonable offer

    Makes. light sport category and is in fresh condition inspection as of june. I have my eye on something and need to sell the bug. 12. hrs and climbing on fresh bottom end,oil pump, and rings. A75-9 with electric start. Fun airplane. Over the ice low 100mph - YouTube Stevorotor lands the Bug on...
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    Wagabond, any builders with good or bad

    Let me know if you want laser cut joystick parts.
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    My Spad 13 Squadron replica ultralight

    Sorry guys haven't been here in a while. Thanks for the kind comments. Scary flyer, I can fax the book to you.That way printing is on you. Send me your fax#in a pm and we can coordinate a send time.PTairco. No turnbuckles all clevises. Weight is 275ish with chute and is operated under part...
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    What types have you flown?

    I forgot the R22 2 hrs dual
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    What types have you flown?

    countless RC's from .40 to 3rd scale dual C 150 Sparrowhawk2 Gyro RAF 2000GT gyroplane PIC J3 Cubs Falcon UL challenger CGS hawk arrow 2 Sqadron Spad replica bipe Stits Flutrbug Kolb hybrid Stick in Cherokee 140 Taylorcraft BC12D1 C120 Mooney m20C Beech A36 Bonanza The only real FalcoF8L in...
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    My Spad 13 Squadron replica ultralight

    has a 2SI433 ,full panel,disc brakes. only 60 some hrs on the hobbs.I have 3hrs in it myself with 20some t+ls and its a fun little flyer. I am the third owner since builder in 1988 and have tracked down and chatted with the original builder. Needless to say he is thrilled it is still around and...
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    Wanted Second location Saught

    Have you considered subbing out the CNC work to get building engines while working on the plant/airstrip plans? I and AC Tool,Milwaukee area would be pleased to quote any machined parts you may require to precise tolerances pêr your blueprints.1 too 100,s qntys. Best of luck on your search.
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    Stits Flutterbug sa6b?

    My w/b indicates about 60lbs in current configuration. I can move some things to improve w/b ( batt, lighter tailwheel)but dont forsee 2 180 pounders inside the w/b envelope and trim limits
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    Stits Flutterbug sa6b?

    And I will email you RTHEFISH any photos and vid you can send me would be great
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    Stits Flutterbug sa6b?

    Thanks guys I did buy the one in my icon photo. It has a 75-9 conti, electric start. I love it. Very snappy little plane. 2500rpm level 100 indicated
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    For Sale Save 25% on new RV-4 kits

    how much for the wing kits?
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    Yes it a 1963 sa6b with continental a75-9 electric start. Yes it is mine. ibrought it home in...

    Yes it a 1963 sa6b with continental a75-9 electric start. Yes it is mine. ibrought it home in june. Runs , flys well and in great condition. In annual now.[IMG] check out this link scroll down to the rest of my bug pics Ray_Stits_Aircraft
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    Wanted any cheep gyrocopter

    I'll take a supercub for 500, and in annual please. Keep dreaming and just have another pull off your bong. In all seriousnous Just the AN hardware was around $300.+ If you just want to die go cheap Cheap.If you truly want to fly, dont be thinkin you will buy an airworthy craft for less than...