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    MOGAS/E85 etc.?

    Since 2002 here in Brazil Embraer manufactures an ag plane named Ipanema (after Rio´s beach and music Girl from Ipanema) that is ethanol powered. Its engine is a Lyc 540 injected. More the 1000 have been produced, seems a sign of success. Yes, Lycoming DOES make an alcohol engine. For more info...
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    WANTED : C85 / C90 / 0200 Camshaft

    Hello all, I´m overhaulin´ a C85 stroker and I´m in need of a usable camshaft for this project. Anyone with such a piece laying around? Best Wlad
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    Flywheel drive with starter on pulley end?

    The flywheel used by the GPAS is the Chevy Flexplate 168 pin attached to a cut down VW 4 or 8 pin flywheel.
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    Graham Lee Fuselage Plan Section

    Have what you need. Please let me know how can I help..
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    Peter Sripol is at it again...
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    Peter Sripol is at it again...

    Not Oratex but Oracal, a self adhesive vinyl film. Same manufacturer, though. Have covered a couple of RC planes with this stuff.
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    Birdy electric motorglider

    The names behind it do deserve some credit!!!
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    VW Heads Designed for Aircraft- Poll

    "I'd skip the air-cooled and go straight to liquid cooled" So did Subaru....
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    Need a crankshaft flange and bearing (revmaster ou GP) for a VW engine build

    Title speaks for itself, shipping to Brazil. Payment using PayPal or similar service.
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    The Lone Ranger - a Ranger/SD-1/Aeromax based design

    To me seems a lot of wasted wood when cutting out those voids. Why not just use the fillets?
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    Fauvel AV-36 and 361 project - comment page

    Keep going...
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    CriCri Composite

    Thousands of glass gliders wings are built that way... carbon or glass roving for most manufacturers, LaK uses pultrusions but their wings are not lighter and they flex too much. Yes, I have assembled a friend´s Lak 17, also had a Std Jantar (heavy wings!!! made out of glass, surely overbuilt)...
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    Fuselage design

    Is the mission defined? Will it be a lazy two place beach cruiser or an all out aerobatic? Or an very efficient airplane like the Lightning? What is the load to be carried, in fuel, people, luggage and instruments? I think you need to start with these very basic questions and then the fuse...
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    BD-5 Kauth Drive Plans

    The damping seems to be provided by the rubber donuts and the torsion shaft. You can adjust the damping by tailoring the torsion shaft but will need a very througout study on the harmonics.
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    New Stand Alone Electronic Ignition System

    Hello Ross, Have one of the older CPI ignitions, yet unmounted :-( given lack of building time. But I have a suggestion. Did you ever considered enabling a start code in the software? It would function like a key , to prevent someone taking a ride in our airplane when you´re not around. Of...