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    The 'daydreamers' your craziest designs and concepts here

    It doesn't. I wasn't aware the fuselage flutter was much of a 'thing'. Got any videos?
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    The 'daydreamers' your craziest designs and concepts here

    Did you read Space Odyssey 3000? It has one of those in it. Speaking of dragons, I recently published a book that refers to them somewhat. Not for me it isn't, just put some weights in the leading edges of the wings and control surfaces, that's the only 100% sure cure, and it's easy.
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    The 'daydreamers' your craziest designs and concepts here

    Yes, I'm aware of that. I think I saw an article somewhere about the benefits of a constantly powered rotor (with a small amount of power). Basically enough to keep the rotor turning when most of the lift is coming from the wings. I can't recall if it was theoretical or if someone has tried...
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    The 'daydreamers' your craziest designs and concepts here

    Rotor torque is low due to low power and can be corrected with rudder even at a standstill if the pusher prop is running. You can see autogyros using jump takeoffs have no torque problem. One important thing that a constantly powered rotor does is that it allows the use of wings for cruise...
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    The 'daydreamers' your craziest designs and concepts here

    The only aircraft that can handle those conditions is an autogyro with a powered rotor and jump takeoff ability. I was thinking that it could use a engine/generator for power, with about 20hp going to the main rotor and the rest, say 100hp, to the thrust prop(s) There are some things that can...
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    The 'daydreamers' your craziest designs and concepts here

    I seems this is the best place to post this, since I learned to never post new ideas in the New Design/Technology section. Around ten years ago I moved up to the high mountain ridges, near the crest of the andes mountains, in southern Ecuador. I was pondering what kind of aircraft would be...
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    OK, you first

    OK, you first
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    Possible to scratch build Quickie Q1?

    The Dragonfly is plans built and I bought the plans.
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    The Jet Look

    I only went to a couple of Mensa meetings, and found I didn't fit in, because they were all obese and their primary interest was sex. Those two things go together. You would think that smart people would realize the importance of preserving their health.
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    Why are there no 300kt plans-built designs?

    Looks like some troll wants to get banned
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    Modern day "motorcycle of the air" aircraft class?

    That is wonderful, good for him and them! There was something about his energy or manner that spoke of great sincerity. Thanks for the update.
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    The Jet Look

    Thats what I forgot to put on my list. I was inducted into the Mensa hall of fame based on my University SAT scores, and there are few if any test that are better than those, so my school's IQ test must have been faulty or it was an off day :) I admire your young efforts at the age of 8, at...