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    Why do the Long-EZ and Varieze have anhedral in the main wings?

    Are you sure you want to add takeoff and landing distance to an Eze?
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    Lars Giertz's VMaxProbe (N1200M)

    I think it was actually the NLF 0414 airfoil.
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    Harrison Ford in the news again

    Thanks again, news boys, for the çomplete radio transmissions....(not).
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    replacing plywood construction with cored composite panels

    Looks like an excellent plane from reàding the specs, but you'd have to shave off 66 lbs to make it an ultralight. My guess is that you would shave off less than 15 lbs. by substituting composite for plywood. I could be wrong though. In any case it looks like a really cool plane.
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    New Aerodynamic Theory: Drag-based Flyers

    I think there is a confusion about the terms "lift" and "drag". Anything desirable falls under 'lift' even if it's created by air impacting the wing or blade from the underside (along with other phenomena). Sorry to make it short, but that's my first impression.
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    Succesful Geodetic Model, Finally

    Thanks for the kind words and great article. Especially interesting was the possibility of not even needing bulkheads. I'm going to make my rear bulkheads with minimum mass before load testing. Àlso he described the advantage of thicker members vs. stressed skin very well. I think there is...
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    Completing the project

    I think maybe doing a part everyday is over rated. It's the passion of possesing what you want that drives your ambition. And sometimes you have to take time off to re stoke your vision or settle some issues. I'm not best example of completing projects though, so your mileage may definitely...
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    Flying Rooster Kit Available?

    The next step might be some çolor tinted wimdows and specially shaped wing (and tail).
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    Synergy Aircraft

    If you're excited about something you're going to talk about it. He was invited to the forum. The condemnations came before he asked for money. He didn't indicate that he would be the greatest airplane designer ever, that I recall. That's how I recall it.
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    Synergy Aircraft

    I don't think he was spouting off performance numbers as much as new ideas. Ánd I got to thinking, if interferance drag cuts lift on a bipe, why wouldn't it conversly help on a down- lifting surface (in addition to straightening out some wake). Some moderators were jumping on the stab...
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    Synergy Aircraft

    Imagine every penny you have, and that you çould borrow (before Go Fund Me) layed out in parts, and then people coming in and telling you your ideas are no good. Like I said years ago (but got deleted) I found it embarrassing.
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    Synergy Aircraft

    Do unto others. I don't think that kind of pressure helps if you were a single individual trying to solve multiple problems.
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    Discussion Thread: The design of a tailless flying wing

    @Aerowerks; Well the problem I have with plywood is that a 1/16 sheet weighs someting like 6 lbs. My wing for example is 150 sq ft. area so 300 sq ft surface. That's about 9 sheets and 54 lbs. The lattices would come out to about 18 My proposed design is a UL so, that pretty much...
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    Roncz FW Airfoil as Pinch Hitter

    110 l/d at 1M Re# at Ncrit 5 isn't bad. My flying wing design has an 8 ft chord so the Re should be much higher than that. I think you have to say "Compared to what?", for polar comparisons, and look at each laminar airfoil individually. Compared to themselves at rough Ncrit and low Re the...
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    Discussion Thread: The design of a tailless flying wing

    @ Aerowerks. The 66% sounds like a more practical amount. In my opinion the final result supersedes the shape of the lift distribution. I've been messing with the Roncz Low Drag Flying Wing Airfoil. I think with higher sweep angles it gains even more advantage because the sharper nose...