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I am 67 yo. I worked at Evans Aviation back in the mid 70s.
We built Steen Skybolt sub assemblies plus Repaired others. Did some work on StarDusters. also. This was at Fla Bob Airport in Riverside, Ca. Rubidoux actually. I am into Hot Rods & Kustoms. Most anything that goes 'Vroom'.

My dad took me for a ride in a Cub when I was about 3 yo. My dad joined the AAF in 1928. Talking of his different military aircraft plus his old copy of a flying magazine that described the Pietenpol Air Camper got me going.
As I got older, Dad took me to numerous air fields in So Cal. Fontana, Col
Billings, Mo. USA
Current / Future projects
Past Projects
Rand KR-1