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    Builder’s anxiety

    All normal reactions that mostly go away with experience but should be kept in the back of your mind and not forgotten. I've owned several E-AB but when I built my first and did first inspection as a repairman, it was then I realized I was really on my own. OTOH we are actually on our own...
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    New Spezio in WV

    Thanks, I didn't know Tony was still around, very glad to hear he is. I was the 3rd owner of ser#1 about 30 years ago, and yes the front pit is tight. I bought this project w/o trying it on for size, just too good to pass.....I thought the plans built aircraft were stretched but I'm not sure...
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    New Spezio in WV

    hello from WV. Jack Carnahan here. I own an O290 EAA Bipe but single place don't do it. My wife went along with it last year when the bipe surfaced at a good price about the same time I needed to let my faa paper lapse.... So I brought a new Spezio project home last Sat and plan on swaping FWF...