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    Valve Seats

    Absolutely right. I meant, if you *don't* want to use the Neway cutters, you can try to lap and get your contact within spec; not that you use the cutters and *then* lap. However, I re-read the OP and see we're talking about new valves in old seats, in which case I agree: lapping is not a...
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    Valve Seats

    If you want to do it the "right way," I'm a fan of the Neway system. It's a few hundred $ to get set up, but it was going to cost me close to that to ship my heads to someone who would do them for me. If you can lap them and get your valve-to-seat contact width within spec, go for it - just make...
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    Project roll call

    FritzW, it's coming along fairly well. That's the main problem I had as well - it took a bit of trial and error, and a lot more learning about how lofts work than I wanted to know. The short answer is, I didn't make the hub separate - I used sketches at various stations, all the way in to 10% of...
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    Project roll call

    Slowly plugging away at my KR2 project; it lives a state away currently. Actively looking for a house with a garage so the plane can move in with me. In the meantime, I'm taking a tig welding class at my local CC, and sometime in the future I'd like to use that to build a high wing rag and tube...
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    Using 3D prints as fabrication templates

    I do a lot of tight-tolerance fabrication for prototypes at work. We've got a small CNC 3-axis mill, a manual lathe and a manual drill press. Anytime I can, I print out paper templates for drill locations, center punch, center drill, and drill to size. If the hole locations are tighter tolerance...
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    Math Questions

    Do you anticipate a lot of long-distance hauling? Maybe my PA roots are showing, but we definitely never did cg analysis on *large* scrap loads to take to the dump... and we weren't particularly scientific about loading things evenly. I'm not suggesting it doesn't ever matter... just that maybe...
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    Dual plug heads with single plug?

    Deskpilot - Thanks for your concern. This engine is going on a KR2 with extended wings, so it will have a pretty solid glide ratio in the event of an engine out. I also can't remember the last time my car had an ignition problem. Let me add, this is a 2-seater, so I have no interest in saving a...
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    Dual plug heads with single plug?

    Ok, this is a bit odd, but I'm soliciting opinions. Let's say a person had a VW engine with heads machined for dual plugs. Now let's say the person had a single-plug ignition system, and wasn't inclined to upgrade. What's a person to do? The way I see it, there'd be two options; option 1, put...
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    Jim's 7/8th Scale Nieuport 11 Finished and Flying

    That's a nice looking bird! Looking forward to a pirep, if you decide to stop flying it long enough to write one.... :D
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    New to forum, not to building!

    Thanks, Joe! That is a beautiful Cub you've got. She flying now? I see it was almost ready last summer. Looks like a great paint job!
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    New to forum, not to building!

    Hey all, my name is Matt, and I'm building a KR2. I started the project several years ago, and made a lot of progress. Last year I moved up to Rochester, NY, and only had space to bring the engine with me, which I've been rebuilding (slower than I'd like!) and working on the rest of it on...
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    Bearings question its out there

    My HAPI/Mosler VW came that way - with both the #2 and #3 bearings being the two-piece clamshell type. If you look at your engine case halves, you may find dowel pin holes on both halves for those two bearings; according to Bob Hoover, "The #3 main bearing saddle in the RIGHT case half may be...