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    Decalage angle

    Hello Eugene, First of all, thank you for a long and entertaining session on decalage angle. One thing I don’t get is: After talking to the designer; After getting hints from all angles that CG was key; After seen the rest of the flyer of this airplane type; After sp3nding endless our...
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    Graphite Carbon Rod used as a stiffiner

    Any problems here?
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    Graphite Carbon Rod used as a stiffiner

    A 6061-T6 Al/CFR PMC that was exposed to a severe marine environment (MCBH) for 12 months (a), and chemically cleaned 6061-T6 Al substrate from 6061-T6 Al/CFR PMC couple (b). Note the salts deposited at the perimeter of the PMC (arrows) in (a) formed an electrolyte bridge between the PMC and...
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    What homebuilt aircraft is closest to a CASA C-212 Aviocar?

    I was thinking the AN-2 was the ticket... you can get them quite cheap and rebuild it experimental... you can go wild with them and they land very short...
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    Bearhawk Dual Cargo Doors

    Like already mentioned, dual access can be done, not sure you need to make them as large. Having looked at this issue for my own design, I considered that large (yet not as large as the ones on the BH) would open up and down, split door like the Cub, this would allow for stronger attach points...
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    Plywood vs Stck Ribs and When Are They Intercangeable?

    Billski, I have to agree with the point of enjoying the build process, I have built 3 sets of wings for my Cub, and it has been the most enjoyable build for me.... the out outcome was not so rewarding ( :P)
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    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range

    Electric flight is pending a power/weight storage limitation of current batteries. Once we get beyond that, the possibility of safer flight is no longer a sci-fi discussion. One of the values is real-time monitoring of all critical components, and benchmarking MTTF a gains fleets, which is still...
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    Plywood vs Stck Ribs and When Are They Intercangeable?

    Why not leverage Report 345? Seems like most os the OP questions are right in there?
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    Carbon design under FAR 23

    Hi all and happy new year. What I’m about to say is here say, since I’ve not verified the information myself nor is there any data writen anywhere since I first heard of it, now this thread it’s the second time. This is coming from an attemp to build a certified trainer design in composites and...
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    New avian flight mode discovered

    C'on, this is just a frequency sync of the birds flap rate and the FPS of the camera.... kind of old news... been doing videos like that for quite a long time..... :)
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    Experimental C-150

    More like photo alternation, image is quite bad... but it would be interesting seen something like this available. :)
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    Experimental C-150

    Could be interesting to see one of these
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    Luscombe Model 8 Wing sing strut design

    This is what I was considering as an option with a 45º angle at each of the compression ribs. I really like your approach!!!
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    Luscombe Model 8 Wing sing strut design

    Ok, now that I'm at the computer... I never intended to assume that the PA-25 had a single strut or any other configuration, all I meant to say was the their compression struts on this wing I bought was different, and similar to the Northland plans, which I was supposing could be an interesting...
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    Luscombe Model 8 Wing sing strut design

    Really great feedback!!! Thanks!!! I greatly appreciate the Sportsman wing image, was not aware of if. Btw, the piper example was about the compression struts in the wing... they look like the one implemente by Piper for the PA-25, Nortland very similar to the one in the sportsman, only this...