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    Airplane crash in Fresno this last Thursday

    Sorry to learn of the crash and the fatalities. RULE OF LIFE: Never, never, never trust a reporter. They are looking for something "sensational" to broadcast and I have had the personal experience of reporters flat out LYING to make a story "more sensational." If they want to, they can and...
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    Are most fluffy white clouds really 20,000+ ft high?

    Dear Birdwatcher: If you are going to be "star gazing" then I would get someone else to fly the airplane. Just head out to your local airport and offer to buy some avgas and I am sure you will find a pilot/aircraft owner willing to carry you up at night so you can watch the heavens.
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    F-16 Flies Pilot-Free

    Well, when the Environmental Whackos realize how much pollution is caused by shooting down flyable aircraft over the ocean, all hell will break loose. The military brass and politicians that support this drone program will be running for cover.
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    Lancaster Bomber?

    Building a 1/3 scale [for example] Lancaster would be a time consuming and money consuming project. Check out this 1/3 scale B-17G: | HOME Building that airplane took years of very skilled and hard work. GOOD LUCK IF YOU DECIDE YOU WANT TO BUILD YOUR LANCASTER
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    American Made Storch Replicas

    I understand that the FAA quit allowing the importation of 75% Storch Replicas from Columbia a while back. I have heard rumours that the replica Storches and Storch Kits are now being made in America now for sale. Any truth to those rumours? Anyone have a website address for American made...
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    More rocks being thrown at aviation

    Seems to me that just living in New York is it's own punishment, I feel sorry for those that are stuck there and can't get out. New York politicians and bureaucrats have this crazy idea that the public lives to serve them.
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    Flying Car Crash in Canada

    This is from AvWeb: AVwebFlash Complete Issue The video is very interesting. Fortunately, no one was killed in the crash.
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    Roadable Aircraft DESIGN

    Don't mean to be a "wet blanket" but keep in mind that during the Middle Ages, Alchemists spent a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to turn lead into gold. The roadable airplane has been around since World War II. Why a "Roadable Airplane?" If someone designs a decent aircraft...
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    Flying Cars: A History

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!! just about anyone can design a "Flying Car" what I really need is a "Flying Pick-Up Truck!!!" I live on a farm. Do we have any aeronautical engineer genius types that can design one...or at least draw a "Dream Flying Pick-Up Truck" and post some pics on this BB??? Now, that...
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    Softie Seat Pack Parachute

    Years ago I purchased a surplus military T-10 backpack chute. Took the padding material out of the back of my airplane seat and usually left the T-10 in the airplane. Then, when getting in the airplane and sitting down in the seat, it was then a simple matter of buckling on the chute and...
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    Done with reading, time to discuss

    You might want to check out Vortex Generators (VG's) as they will reduce your shorten your Take-Off Run and Landing Distance a bit-not to mention they will reduce your stall speed a tad.
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    Wing Failure

    First of all, the wing didn't "Fail," it crumpled when it hit the ground. Airplanes are designed to fly and not crash. I am thankful the occupants of that aircraft were not injured badly. Looks like they will be ordering another left wing and strut from tha manufacturer IF the fuselage was not...
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    Around the World in a Cub?

    Yep, he is no doubt a "Free Spirit." You won't catch me flying with him-I just hope he survives all of his adventures O.K.
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    engine reliability in the 235-260HP range

    It has been so long since I owned that Sierra (30 plus years,_ I forget what "Hot Start" procedure I used [not very successfully.] Thanks for your reply!!!
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    Flap failure today

    Heck, back in the mid-1960's I was attending Burnside-Ott Aviation Academy at the Opa Locka, Florida airport. I was out in an old school C-150 that had the "old fashioned" flap control, a lever (with a button on top) between the seats that deployed and retracted the flaps manually. I was about...