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    High compression at altitude

    Any idea of how high folks are going in the compression ratio boost? I remember a fellow saying that he was using 10:1 compression ratio on an 0-200.
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    Hks 700 e 60 HP HKS700E (about 400 hrs with a TBO of 1000 Hr) Includes all instruments, an EIS, mounting plate, rebuilt carbs, new fuel pump and a muffler that needs repair or to be changed. $4300 US dollars postal code H4G 1S1in Montreal...
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    I just found this online. The animation is rather jerky, but th ere are a lot of images. AeroGoons Janowski J-2A 3D Build Plans
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    Ideal 40 hp/3000 rpm Direct drive inverted Two-stroke single cylinder engine?

    Sorry Niels, I had forgotten that you were wanting crankcase scavenging. You don't have many choices when the lubrication system is so limited. However, keep in mind that sealed bearings are popular on two stroke scooter engines, made by reputable companies. I think even Bombardier/Rotax used...
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    Ideal 40 hp/3000 rpm Direct drive inverted Two-stroke single cylinder engine?

    This is the reason why roller bearings were used. "The crankshaft was set into a 'tunnel' crankcase. No split bearings to loosen or separate under load. Roller races were set into the webs of the crankshaft." I anticipate that you are thinking about a conventional crank with normal sized...
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    Parts For Sale Plans for sale

    Pincraze, how many pages to the KR-1 plan set? what size pages? What other plans do you think would be needed to build a KR-1? Thanks
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    Ideal 40 hp/3000 rpm Direct drive inverted Two-stroke single cylinder engine?

    The plain bearings with a high pressure lubrication system seems to be the most dependable. It worked for Detroit Diesel with their turbo and supercharged V-8 uniflow scavenged engines.
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    Pulsar Aircraft Assets For Sale

    I just looked at the ACI Advanced Composite Infusion Facebook page. Russ et al seem to be making great progress on the two aircraft. The fuselage halves of the Star-Lite are together and the spar box is being worked on. So cool to see it happen on video. One of my favorite planes resurrected. It...
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    MS 894 Rallye Project Cheap PHX
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    Fastest planes on the least amount of HP

    To be clear, Strojnik wrote that the engine was turning 5000 rpm direct drive, and he thought the prop was 50% efficient. The Kawasaki engine was used for the record attempt, with the prop from the motor glider S-2. The upshot is about 15 hp delivered as thrust. The Rutan Quickie, at 126 mph...
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    Starck AS.37 - one engine, two propellers

    Challenger II, thank you for your thoughts. The difficulty with putting the PSRU on the engine is that then the driveshaft is just low in front, and needs to be raised to as high as possible to get away from the ground. Alternatively, the drive shaft could be on the side, near shoulder level...
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    Starck AS.37 - one engine, two propellers

    Thank you for your contributions. Drifting decisively from One Engine, Two Propellers towards Excellent Visibility with One Propeller... The engine behind the cockpit with the prop in front, above (DAR) or below (P-39). Structurally I think the P-39 style, with the driveshaft between the...
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    Starck AS.37 - one engine, two propellers

    Thank you Mark for your interest and posting the calculations. I apologize for not more carefully writing my thoughts on the design. The primary impetus of this design was for excellent visibility forward, up and down. The rest of the design is an attempt to fulfill that primary goal. The "two...
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    Starck AS.37 - one engine, two propellers

    Piper, thank you for your thoughts. The link is not a reply to your post, but to my questions on zipping props... The propellers plane of damage ? I had just finished reading it, and deciding that an alternative to whirring props inches from my head, would be a good direction to take.