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    For Sale CriCri MC12 plans & Builders Manual

    I thought Columban did not sell plans for construction in the U.S. Do these plans precede that decision or were they sold in another English speaking country?
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    best 100 HP auto/motorcycle engine conversion?

    Would love to see your build blog when you can.
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    best 100 HP auto/motorcycle engine conversion?

    Yamaha Apex is about 170 lbs complete, with oil, radiator, exhaust, electric start, EFI gear reduction ready to run with more than 100 hp. Turbo versions are flying with much more power...The Yamaha Phaser is about 135 lbs same as above, ready to fly, 80 hp. The Apex has about a dozen flying...
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    Liquid cooling

    @Geraldc Mr. Parker, nor anyone else, in the articles I have read, mentioned John Britten as the designer.
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    Liquid cooling

    No, not Britten, James Parker with the RATZ which was a Rational Advanced Design Development (RADD) using a TZ 250 Yamaha race engine. Oct 1995 in Sport Rider, though I am sure it is in other magazines. The air cooling ducts went from the front of the fairing (near the headlights) to the...
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    Liquid cooling

    Some race motorcycle designer tried a meredith style cooling system about 25 years ago. The bike had many interesting features. I never saw it again.
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    Wanted :186 cu in, Radial Y ; (30 hp) @ 1,300 rpm -- !

    Couldn't find the group, alas. Verner uses heads from a major Japanese manufacturer (I believe to be Honda) in their radials.
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    Is a half Subaru possible?

    Mr. Halvorson seems to be a very accomplished engine modifier. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/see-video-of-a-top-fuel-hemi-converted-to-burn-diesel/
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    Is a half Subaru possible?

    While the Subaru heads are attractive, there are so many engines of the 500-1500cc range that makes building one seem to be an extraordinary investment of time and energy. The 500cc Yamaha Phazer snowmobile engine is in the 70 hp/130 lb range. Liquid cooled with a PSRU, it really only requires...
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    Wanted :186 cu in, Radial Y ; (30 hp) @ 1,300 rpm -- !

    Addicted, could you keep us appraised as to your thoughts and progress in this area? would love to learn more of the joys of radial engine design and construction. I am not a fan of the flat head, but it would be interesting to see of it's advantages and disadvantages. Seems like the joys of VW...
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    new engine supplier: based on suzuki engines

    I remember reading the car magazines when it was introduced. They mentioned putting it in their luggage. I don't remember carry on. I am pretty sure the block was 88 lbs, as I remember. Memory being a fickle thing, you might want to investigate further.
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    supercharging a two stroke

    Doggzilla, if you are thinking of crankcase compression spark ignited gasoline two strokes that are still to be found on various consumer products, they don't have poppet valves as in 4 stroke cars and such. They have ports, perhaps moveable "power valves" that reduce exhaust port height to...
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    18hp + Nitrous , for higher altitude

    Actually, I don't think there are any turbos that would work for a 170cc engine, at least not in an efficient range.
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    Suzuki E08A 800cc Two-Cylinder Aluminum Diesel

    I found it is a 4 valve per cylinder, aluminum block and head and 15:1 compression ratio and it has an intercooler. Sounds nice...
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    Hello from Spain

    Bienvenidos Marcos, En que parte de Espana esta viviendo? Yo vivo en San Francisco. Hay sabios aquí. Jiro