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    Orion - need pro's comment re cg range...

    I participated in building and flying a flying wing glider, the SB13. It had a swept back wing. It had a fairly low flutter speed (about 130 kts), even with a very stiff carbon fiber wing, due to the swept wing. Wing torsional flutter mode coupled with bending at rather low frequencies. The...
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    Drag reduction

    Streamlined gear legs are nice, but what if they don't line up with the streamlines? The airflow at the gear location may be at an angle, the only way to find out is to fly it. If the dead bugs accumulate straight on, the airflow should be fairly straight. Tufts and a camera or mirror are...
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    Material for landing gear

    The main advantage of a glass landing gear is it lower weight compared to metal. I have an all-glass gear on my Pulsar, and like it better than metal. The drawback is if it is overstressed, it breaks rather than bends. If it is properly designed, it breaks somewhere in the middle, not at the top...
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    Books to read?

    New Books In addition to the books mentioned I can recommend the ones on my web site.
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    Expect the Unexpected! (Flight testing)

    multiple failures That reminds me of a test flight where I had the pitot line melted off by too much cabin heat, so I lost airspeed indication. I should have aborted the flight right there, but kept on going. A few minutes later the engine quit. At least I was high enough to work on getting it...
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    Two Questions on Layup of Doors

    Sources for composite materials Most composite materials can be bought from Aircraft Spuce, but I have a extensive list of suppliers in my book on composites on my web site.
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    Turbo Technical Articles

    Cooling turbo's It is quite important to idle a turbo after landing for a few minutes. Most of the time this is done anyway, as you taxi back from the runway. If your engine overheats in those few minutes, the engine cooling should be addressed. Check out my web site for information on engine...