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    EGT & CHT gage connectors

    Westach sells extension leads that have the female connectors on each end. They are available from Aircraft Spruce.
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    New Wagabond builder

    The only aluminum in a Wag-A-Bond wing is the leading edge, the trailing edge, and the aileron bay cove. The inboard leading edges are nailed to the main spar, and the outboard leading edges, the trailing edges and cove are nailed to the ribs. The ailerons also have an aluminum framework. Mine...
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    New Wagabond builder

    As far as holding the covers down, I formed up some aluminum angles, fluted them to the rib shape and attached them with some #6 machine screws thru the gusset joints. Then, I used #6 sheet metal screws to secure the cover.
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    New Wagabond builder

    The fuel line routing is fairly straight forward. The line from the front tank port goes down the front of the front door post. The line from the rear port goes around the back of the D window and forward under the baggage floor and seat, and tees into the front tube. From that tee the line...
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    New Wagabond builder

    The fuel tank caps must be vented. I have the type with tubes pointed into the air flow. I also do not have a header tank, just a quarter-turn ball valve for each tank mounted on the floor in front of the seat.
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    New Wagabond builder

    I have an 18 gallon Citabria fuel tank in each wing with an aluminum cover over each tank. I had to remove two ribs and install a plywood floor under each tank. An 8 gallon J-3 wing tank might be a little easier, although you’d still have to remove some fabric to do it. I‘m assuming you’d...
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    New Wagabond builder

    My Sonerai IIL had a mostly Great Plains 2180 VW. I thought it was easier to land than the Wag. I had to adapt to the Wag because it has the standard compression springs in the tailwheel steering. The Sonerai had a push-pull rod. The C-90 will make it a nice airplane. Mine has an O-290-G...
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    New Wagabond builder

    My Wag-A-Bond has been flying for a little over three years and has a little more than 300 hours on the Hobbs. It’s great fun to fly, but keeps you on your toes on landing, particularly crosswind on pavement. I started the project in 1998 and flew it for the first time in 2019. It was not a...
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    New Wagabond builder

    Fletcher: You are correct. The RT32 tube is centered inside the T32 tube to reinforce the shock strut fitting area. Just so you know, my Wag-A-Bond is the yellow and white one that was on the cover of the Wag-Aero catalog a few years ago. Fred
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    I keep mine at the Burlington, WI airport (KBUU). We have three Wag-a-bonds there, including the original Wag-Aero prototype, which is for sale.
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    My Wag-A-Bond with a 125 hp O-290-G and a Sensenich 47” pitch prop cruises at 103 mph IAS at 2350 rpm at 3000’ msl. It will cruise faster than that but it burns a lot more gas.
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    1930 Bird Bi-plane

    Actually, Richard Bach’s Biplane was a Parks P-2A.
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    Any idea what these might fit....?

    The wing ribs appear to be Sonerai ribs.
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    Preceptor Ultra Pup Cowling

    No. I ended up making my own fiberglass cowling using a nose bowl cut from a MiniMax cowling.
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    Preceptor Pup Wing Rib Dimensions

    The Preceptor N3/Super Pup/Ultra Pup wing uses a Goettingen 387 airfoil. The chord is 48”. The main spar centerline is 9-1/4” from the leading edge, and the rear spar centerline is 24” aft of the main spar centerline.