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    Solidworks question

    Narfi, I see some grey lines in a grid pattern and some curved darker lines. Are you trying to annotate the points at the intersections of the dark lines to the lines in the grid?
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    MotoBird - 2 seat aircraft with Rotax 503

    Very nice, good luck!
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    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?

    Here, unless redirected to an article or video on another site.
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    Best decision ever.....JUST DO IT !!!

    And here I thought I got a smoking deal! :fear:
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    Best decision ever.....JUST DO IT !!!

    I received most of my instruction in Alabama and found a retired CFI as well; he charged me $25/hr plus $50 for the BE77. He was very thorough and at times I thought he had a death wish!
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    Best way to fix rust and chipping on powder coating over steel tube?

    In the areas where rust has settled and hard to get at you can dab a bit of phosphoric acid which will turn the rust into an inert layer of ferric phosphate, then any good primer will keep it bay.
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    VP1 rudder question

    McMaster-Carr has 2024T3 2 x 0.65
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    Turbine Tail

    Hello all, I've been absent from this forum for quite a while working on solar products and wanted to ask that you guys check out for a simple wind turbine for charging batteries to power lights and tools in your hanger. I haven't set up an online store yet so prices aren't...
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    Pober Pixie Airfoil

    VB, the stretch is the result of reclining the seat back to 10°from 4°and all the changes from the domino effect. Scrapper, I'm confident that the O-100 will be available if this ever gets built. From what I understand it's just finding a supplier for the crank machining that's holding things up.
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    Pober Pixie Airfoil

    The Pixie has some sexy lines for sure, I'm going to try to maintain the looks with the Dixie Parasol. I will open it's own thread in the near future.
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    The Ranger, an easily built high wing LSA runabout

    Now I'm interested as well, weight estimate ?
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    Pober Pixie Airfoil

    Thanks for the comments, all are being taken into consideration and appreciate the fine work that has been done by Mr. Poberezny. This is basically a new airplane because of all the modifications, weight saving is part of the goal, plus I like the what ifs. Like Scrapper, I want to participate...
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    Pober Pixie Airfoil

    Hi all I've been working on a Pober Pixie 2" stretch in length and height of the cockpit, I call it the Dixie Parasol. I haven't made any calculations yet of the airframe, but plan on it and may have questions for those in the know. The Pegasus O-100 is the engine of choice and the...
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    Solidworks Airfoil lofting question

    Nice looking work there ATC! HW, if the intent is to accurately locate the airfoil in position, simply add a new coordinate system at a point constrained to a tangent vertical line and the curve.
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    CriCri MC-15 in NZ

    Rocket, I've been following your progress here on HBA since you first posted. I've been in Tool & Die for 30+ yrs and I'm always delighted when I see how you manage to make arguably difficult tasks look easy. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the build!