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After being brought up going to AF open houses and air shows, my active interest in flying was fanned to flames at 53 by reading in "Sport Aviation" about homebuilding at the Mayo Clinic before my heart procedure in 2010. I am a lifetime woodworker -- framing and finish carpentry, furniture, and one boat, a 15' Gloucester Dory. I have a 20x20' adobe shop in New Mexico with a full complement of power and hand tools.

Getting my Sport Pilot license. Golden Age designs appeal to me more than any other era. To me the ultimate classic aircraft is the Ryan ST-A. My favorite experimental designs are the Skyote biplane, and Hatz Classic. Certified favorites include the Luscombe 8A, Stinson 108, and Piper PA-14.
Albuquerque, NM USA
Current / Future projects
In June 2011 I received my plans for a Flitzer biplane, the single place F.2 Tiger built of Douglas fir, spruce and plywood with fabric covering. As of November 2011 I have milled all the wood myself and am starting the tail. I'd like to restore a 1940s cabin plane. Build a Skyote biplane. A dream p