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    Biplanes with retractable undercarriage?

    These two pics just popped up on the Pitts Facebook page and in the Biplane Forum. A couple of slightly modified Pitts...
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    Biplanes with retractable undercarriage?

    A couple homebuilt amphibians are the Mariner and Glass Goose.
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    Unlimited Aluminum Aeorbatic Aircraft

    I've been attending IAC competitions since 1997. During that time there have been a myriad of low cost, low power aircraft available on the market to whoever wanted them. Everything from the Cessna Aerobat, RANS S-9 & -10, Sonex, RV-3's, Stits, etc., etc.. In those 18 years I've seen only two...
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    Unlimited Aluminum Aeorbatic Aircraft

    It goes beyond just engine horsepower though. The real component forward of the firewall that makes aerobatics possible is the propeller. The current top choices of the MTV-9/203, 400AC and Claw that provide fantastic thrust for some great control at lower speeds, can't be put on smaller...
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    Unlimited Aluminum Aeorbatic Aircraft

    I understand, fell in love the second I saw it in the magazine, and then again in person later that year in Ephrata. I feel very lucky to be the current caretaker of the Wolf Pitts.
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    Unlimited Aluminum Aeorbatic Aircraft

    Yes it is, yes I did.
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    Unlimited Aluminum Aeorbatic Aircraft

    Primary & Sportsman - 1500ft Intermediate - 1200ft Advanced - 656ft (200 meters) Unlimited - 328ft (100 meters)
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    Hello, worried dad here

    Good advice in the post above. I'd add that he should connect with local pilot organization(s). I see you're in Oregon, so besides EAA there is also the Oregon Pilots Association. When I was in high school, I worked at the Museum of Flight in Seattle and got a lot of opportunities there to...
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    Substituting wing fabric with plywood

    Seriously? As far as this thread has wandered from post #1, you're going to hold my comments to that post? I stand by my example, and never once indicated it was better or worse. Just an example of one airframe with two different wing constructions for the OP to look at if he found one in...
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    Substituting wing fabric with plywood

    I disagree, it is a real world example. I never said it's a standard Pitts wing covered plywood, my point is that it is an airframe that has flown with both fabric covered and plywood covered wings. Hence the part where he should compare the differences.
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    Substituting wing fabric with plywood

    A real world example of what your asking can be found in the Pitts S-1. As Curtis designed it, the wings had built up ribs and fabric covering. There was one company that sold plans for a plywood covered wing called Falcon. I know of two Falcon winged Pitts' that have been going strong in...
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    Where can I find Pacific Northwest Fly-ins for 2013

    A real good place to keep tabs on happenings in the Northwest is the Pacific Northwest Flying Forum.
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    experimental aircraft for business use

    It depends on how the aircraft is certified, there are different types of Experimental certificates. While I have heard of an Amateur Built Experimental being used for hire as a type trainer, I wouldn't get your hopes up on using any kind of homebuilt in any money making endeavor.
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    Ice Pilots

    They are currently filming the second season.
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    High Wing/Parasol Aerobatic plane

    Isn't the Jungster 2 aerobatic? Early articles of the Peitenpol discuss it's looping and rolling abilities.