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    Build supplies under the clouds

    The randomness of internet: 99% sure it's these guys Nervous System’s quest for the best laser-cutting plywood
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    A solution looking for a problem

    ha! that's when you realize youtube is scary: it just show the same videos to everybody, as I've also watched them and thought 'you could probably shape a fuselage in one shot with this' ;)
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    Trailerable Single Seater

    Fiy and iirc, it's a non flying real size mock up of this ingenious man idea. I believe he is not an engineer and was looking on the french ulm forum for help to calculate the wing structure.
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    Lightning Bug for sale

    Arg one of my favorite airplane at a price I could afford, unfortunatly I'm living on the wrong side of the atlantic... Good luck with the sale and I hope we will see it fly again !
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    Making a flexible sanding spline... need some input

    Link to thread if like me, you are interested and missed it: How I am building a fuselage mould. Any update on your project?
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    What's up at Bede Aircraft?

    How exactly do you abrade with adhesive??
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    What's up at Bede Aircraft?

    The bd-6 is the high wing single seat, I believe it's the bd-17 : BD -17 | Bedecorp
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    What's up at Bede Aircraft?

    Yes! Did i understood correctly that the bd-10 displayed here flew 126 hours? I always read it was flawed and not really airworthy?
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    LS-3 Powered Velocity

    Aww bummer, it looked and sounded insane. What is the psru used then? I always assumed it was a good one since you were involved...
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    Ercoupe for Percy

    So much want in this one! Low wing on float just scream Schneider cup, way way cool!
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    Could you put together an automotive pusher power plant mostly off-the-shelf?

    You mean like this ls3 velocity? Not a pusher but an actual diesel "for the people" (so 10k$ not 130k$), the cleanest conversion i've seen so far, by a Peugeot mechanic:
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    Planning the adventure of a lifetime and hello from Germany!

    Question from this non-american : flying a part 103 ultralight without a license is not privilege limited to u.s citizen? It feels a bit crazy that any tourists can visit your country and fly around without any supervision whatsoever
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    Terrafugia get FAA SLSA certificate

    Or a rv10 with a "motopod" to keep the hba spirit? I remember a pa-32 with a motorcycle in the back too, can't remember if its the same guys. Edit: yes same guys MotoPOD LLC – Innovative Aircraft Accessories
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    plans build amphibious aircraft

    It's a dream of mine to build a replica (and partly why i'm here) but it feels like a tall order for this not-mechanical engineer. From what i've gathered, the RC version are not really well flying as well, just in case structural design wasn't enough, you have to find a stable configuration...
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    Double Eagle or other alternative cheap and easy builds

    I don't know about Macedonia, but EASA mostly deal with everything that is regulated (cs-23 and up. It's an agency created to certify airbuses afterall). Homebuilt and microlight are typically regulated on a national level, so not sure if the european laws can help him. With the 600kg light...