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    Bruce Carmichael inspects Mike Arnold's AR-5

    Was watching the part 3... Max, any comment on Mike's technique for sanding? It's obviously master level, but I'm not buying the "oh I just cross sanded for 3 months with a flat piece of wood as a sandboard". Why 3 months?? How many passes of micro + sanding??
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    Bruce Carmichael inspects Mike Arnold's AR-5

    Yes! These extra off cuts are still full a little nuggets, thank you Max! I must say, now you have to tell YOUR tale! What was it like to work with Mike, on the AR-5, the AR-6... I would buy the book!
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    I finally became a pilot, and now I'm completely confused about my future build.

    You need a project for us poor europeans like the Gaz'Aile : Gaz'aile 2 It fly with an automotive engine with a proven PSRU (can you find a PSA engine ? The smart diesel was tried without much success in the Greenelis, a sort-of motorglider derived from the Gaz'aile, same fuselage, designed for...
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    How would you win the Sport Racing class/why am I wrong?

    Found it running :) In another interview, it's fitted with 2 blowers for marine application, apparently good for 2000HP @ 6000rpm for 15 minutes... sounds like what's needed for Reno!
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    How would you win the Sport Racing class/why am I wrong?

    Oh wowb that's so awesome!! It could almost replace a stock Merlin xD I wonder how much it cost...
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    Re-drives Belt or Chain ?

    Whaaat it's already painted and tested on water? I remember him posting his first video on this forum something like last year! There is builder and builder...
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    Thoughts on an all metal Jodel D9, Falconar F10 or Druine Turbulent Derivative? For Taller pilots!

    Metal jodel? Already done by Chris Heintz for Robin aircarft ;) Why not a cnc quickbuild rv3? Since they won't release a new kit and it's the best RV ;) throw in a tapered wing and profit!
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    Mike Arnold and the Sukoi 29 and 26

    Man, I would have paid to see the AR7. Somebody has to do it! (Well, ok i just remembered the radia rocket which is exactly that. Any link with the two projects Max?)
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    UK Foam suppliers

    China to the rescue! I bought a dc power supply, which will be very handy in various electronic projects...
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    Would planes be better if they were more like birds?

    Any pointer to a definition/explanation of "wing-grid"? I'm not sure I understand what it is. Thanks!
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    Rules? Repowering certified aircraft with experimental engine

    Why not find a flying experimental aircraft needing (or not) an engine and do what you want to do? Is it possible when you're not the original builder?
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    100 years of Fournier: a history of aviation’s original ‘green’ promoter

    Apparently stalled for lack of funds and/or lack of participants to cover and finish it. They were all pretty old iirc
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    Unlimited Air Racing Dead?

    I, for one, would like to see alternate engines in the F1 class so we can all benefit from the development of one or more battle tested cheap psru in the 100-200 hp range for cheap engines. Win races, sell psru! For the show, would like to see twin turbo v8 monsters going around :) And to...
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    It actually would be a good way to train the pilot and check aircraft flyability instead of trying to learn to fly while putting out 500w of effort!
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    Wooden structure reinforced with carbon fibre

    I like the second page that state, in english "keep calm and carry on" (to carry, spar, french humor?) To summarize: the spruce sandwiching the carbon pultrusion protect them and add surface for glueing the shear web. Carbon over the shear web add stiffness.