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    Scientists Turn CO2 Into Jet Fuel

    The earth is greening thanks to the Co2. Quite searchable. More animal food is great. Generally, plants will grow linearly according to the available ratio Co2 and available water to far higher than currently freeing up airplane O2 the whole time. Further, new plants may develop more quickly...
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    Small workshop layout

    Air reservoir. Upsizing Supply adds storage without taking floor space. If you have access to larger pipe, PVC, HDPE(check SDR for rating), or other, it can be capped, tapped, and placed in attics, crawl spaces, and unused spaces. Pex/PE can be heat molded relatively easily with a little time...
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    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range

    My impression of battery pricing no matter what the battery is made of, would be materials plus assembly is usual, plus uniqeness that can't be matched to the most cost flush market. If someone comes up with a battery that is half the cost, half the weight, of current batteries, it is unlikely...
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    best 100 HP auto/motorcycle engine conversion?

    Planning a RX-1, similar earlier motor at some point and would greatly value a build process choice.
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    Anniversary of Orion's death yesterday

    Have been reading here a long time. Came to read and reread Orion's writings among others, and have given much thought to these things. So much has been questioned, I've had very little need to question anyone, and wished to gain knowledge without incurring, additional writing. So one day, my...
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    Thanks for the explanation. How is this graph created for use? And do you have any references or knowledge for different types of flaps. Very nice analysis method.
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    Thank you for posting. While I'm not sure I'll be looking for a flying wing unless it can be safely STOL, I'm interested in less Cm, and the wing shapes.
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    Why Gas Engines Are Far From Dead - Biggest EV Problems

    Thank you for all of your input over the years. I have learned much, but not enough. These are my thoughts on Power from a wall outlet. 120v 15amp=1830 watts, charge loss efficiency slow charge maybe 10%, 1647watts, throw in guess for take off high discharge loss additional 5%, 1564watts, then a...
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    The big video topic

    Prop drag = negative pitch centered at the flywheel axle ahead of center of lift. Maybe if the flywheel were located at the tail, where the tail forces could shift the flywheel weight and the main would be sized for the increased torque weight. Then to control lift use the rudder for gyroscopic...
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    Single Tube Fuselage idea

    Like the cub layout, thoughts on pulsing prop factor and landing gear x axis torque. Read the reference for diamond wire, not imagining well. Without a diamond/triangle at the engine mount.. Maybe, trailing landing gear attached to the engine mount, passing under the foot area, with wing strut...
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    Best Cheap Hanger Door I have ever seen

    Token suggestion. Unistrut has relatively cheap rolling trolleys of different sorts for different configurations. The channel can be special ordered curved. Search for differing dimensions. For recovering wall space, build an interior 'pocket wall for the door or store it externally, straight...
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    Tube construction: Alternatives to conventional welding

    Is this spreadsheet publicly available?
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    Aluminum Tube & Gusset Airbike / Legal Eagle / Parasol Thread

    Bicycle spokes are available in lengths and quantity at reasonable prices made of many materials with many material fittings at both in a variety of styles suited for aluminum or CF rims. Also consider dissimilar material interface, use of isolating washers. lightest aviation fitting I've...