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    Build area tips and advice

    Outlet and drop light reels on the ceiling are great. Always out of the way, but within reach. Trolleys on the ceiling for loading/unloading parts and tooling. Blueprint easel. Many roll around tool boxes that are task specific and fit under a counter top. Hard piped air and vacuum. White walls...
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    Hello from Huntsville, AL!

    Welcome from Pulaski, TN
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    wood vs aluminum leading edges on a Christavia MK1

    I am building mine to plans with aluminum. I didn't do calcs. to see if wood was better, but if it is really thin ply I doubt it adds much strength. Dent resistance may be a plus though.
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    Where to find STOL aircraft plans for sale?

    Raven and Christavia are semi-bush style planes from plans.
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    Slot in wing for pusher prop???

    Just google Archon plane in Greece.
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    Slot in wing for pusher prop???

    https://aerosports.gr/?page_id=41 This plane has a slot for the prop. Not saying it is efficient, but it flys.
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    Falcon XP possible purchase

    It's a lot of fun, but it's a morning and evening flight plane. The wing loading is light and the afternoon thermals can toss it around. You can't stall it with any reasonable effort and the glide ratio is amazing. Cruise is 80 mph @ 4.5 gph. It climbs about 800 single, 400 gross. I call it a...
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    Falcon XP possible purchase

    My bird had a leading edge slat from the factoryLow res 3 by slevair posted Jul 24, 2014 at 8:34 AM
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    Falcon XP possible purchase

    I used Polyfiber on mine with good results. Missing pieces is going to be the biggest problem with a kit that old. The bigger motors are a bit on the heavy side for that airframe so mind the balance. If you use a fixed nose gear it falls under light sport rules. The parachute that comes with...
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    Single-page plans?

    I think the Teeny Two may have been on a single page.
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    Fan cooled engine in tractor configuration cooling issues?

    I had a fan cooled R447 on a Flightstar. The cooling was marginal and the jetting had to be monitored closely. I installed a piece of flexible aluminum ducting in a "U" bend to feed the air into the fan intake. It solved all the problems.
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    Landing gear. idea.

    Have you thought about adapting small motorcycle forks? Use a knee action brace to control rotation.
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    Best Practices for Two Stroke Operations

    I use auto fuel w/ additive for the alcohol and Pennzoil air cooled oil premixed. Jetting is adjusted for the season. I am careful to warm it up before takeoff and slow making power setting changes. Head and pipe temps always in the green. R503 w/ 2.58 box and 62"Ivo 3 blade. Cruise at 5800...