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    HBA and ASTM F44 standards - worth it?

    ASTM F44 members have access to the current standards for that committee. For those interested in obtaining copies of these standards, it is far cheaper to pay $75 for a year's membership and join the F44 committee and download your own personal copy of them. You may even have access to the...
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    Roncz spreadsheets for canards?

    No, it is NOT, as the spreadsheet says at the top of the worksheet. I am not aware of Sport Aviation ever publishing a spreadsheet to analyze canard configurations.
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    My other "airplane"

    That has been my observation, that it is just a big lawn mower. It sounds like one too. Since my T had been basically in storage for the last several years, the little remaining gas had basically became turpentine. It had lost a lot of volatility, and I couldn't hand start it until I drained...
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    My other "airplane"

    You don't have to worry about someone stealing your T, because 99.9% of the people couldn't drive away in one if they tried!
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    My other "airplane"

    When your wife gets excited about an unnecessary purchase, you do not ask twice! That was the situation that I found myself in last June when I brought up the idea about purchasing a Ford Model T. Within a few weeks a 1921 touring car ended up in our garage. Why bring this up on a site about...
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    Duncan's got a Flea

    Glad you liked it, as I enjoyed writing it! :)
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    Duncan's got a Flea

    It is available from the EAA's website, but I think you need to be a member to download it.
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    Duncan's got a Flea

    The vertical CG location (relative to the wing MAC) does affect the stability of an aircraft. How much it affects it depends on the vertical distance (in % MAC), becoming more pronounced if this distance becomes large. Perkins & Hage (as mentioned somewhere in this thread) discusses it briefly...
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    3rd Class Medical Reform still alive...

    Today I had my annual physical and even though my 3rd class medical is good through next May, I thought it would be a good time to try to get my BasicMed form signed off. My doctor had no problem signing it, I believe for the following reasons: 1) I've known him for 25 years and he's been my...
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    Finishing your airplane - The Commitment

    The biggest mistake I made while building my airplane was moving it from my garage to the airport too early. Even though the hangar is only about 10 minutes from my house, out of sight was out of mind. When I did go out to work on it, invariably I found that I had forgotten to bring something...
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    Saturday Flying

    Today was an exceptionally beautiful spring day here in the Wichita area, which allowed me to experience a broad range of flying. Early afternoon found me flying my Skyscooter to nearby Newton airport to fill up on mogas. $3.60 a gallon full service. It certainly beats $6 a gallon 100LL when...
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    Torque vs Horsepower vs Props, comparing engines

    12 notes, Years ago Stan Hall wrote two good articles that appeared in EAA's Sport Aviation magazine: 1) "Propellers for the 1192 cc Volkswagen engine" July 1970 2) "The direct vs. geared 1600 cc VW engine... some numbers" August 1973 These are available online at the EAA in their Sport...
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    Varieze - Max. Landing Lift Coefficient of 2.5?

    I will let you know the next time I am in your neighborhood! :)
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    Varieze - Max. Landing Lift Coefficient of 2.5?

    Correct, the plot is not marked as "CLmax", but where the the "CLtrim" curve peaks out at roughly 15 degrees elevator deflection (for the LE drooped configuration) is where it achieves CLmax. This can also be determined from the other plots showing CL and Cm versus alpha such as Figure 14...
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    Varieze - Max. Landing Lift Coefficient of 2.5?

    No, the plot shows the total airplane lift coefficient based on the total measured lift and wing reference area.