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    For Sale Subaru Redrive, PSRU

    and horsepower?
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    PSRU Gear Ratio vs. Prop Tip Speed

    Don't forget to add forward speed to the prop rotational speed in calculating prop tip speed. IIRC, the torque curves on the LS engines are pretty flat (relatively) so you may be spending lots of money for diminishing returns.
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    Lyc IO-360

    200 hp as it sits. Are there safe (and at least moderately cheap) ways to get mo' hp out of it? It's in an experimental but I don't want to drop the TBO to every 100 hours. :) I know very little about the Lyc's. Thanks.
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    desperately need opinions on flying Wheeleer Express CT

    It's not a true T-tail. The horizontal stabilizer is about halfway up the tail (from the original plans.) I've heard some say it is a very dangerous aircraft, while others say it's not dangerous at all, just fly it all the way down and onto the runway. I guess that means don't get nose up...
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    Lyc o540

    Sell the 540 and buy 4 crate Chevy LS3's. Or 2 LS-7's with even MORE hp about twice as much per.
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    Recomend me the Best Training/Learning Book for flying Ultralight

    A human teacher, though, is still critical to life. Sporty's advertises some DVD's and their ads sure sound good. I believe their course is targeted toward a private ticket and IFR, but they might have an ultralight version. The basics are the same for all flying, though.
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    Would a Sonex fit my mission? or bushby mustang?

    A mustang II can get off in 500-600 feet on a hot day and landing takes maybe a hundred feet more. On grass (pretty smooth grass), maybe add another 100 feet. These numbers assume you have at least a Lycosaurus 0360, if you MUST have a certificated engine (although they aren't really that...
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    For Sale sale or trade: 2012 Challenger II $9995

    Clipped wing special, LSS tail, electric flaps, ELT. Located in Moontown Airport (3M5) near Huntsville, Alabama. New Warp Drive prop and upgraded thing-a-ma-bob (name escapes me at the moment) available for it for $600, new still in box, 0 hours. Additional wing bracing comes with it. Will...