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    Printing Plans

    I used Fedex at first because they had the best price in wide format printing at 75 cents per sq/ft, then they jumped to $1.25 per sq/ft and I dumped them and switched to staples which is still at 75 cents per sq/ft but they didn't know what they were doing but I finally got them trained. Now I...
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    Brutality Today

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    Provocative Places to Unfold My Wings

    While I disagree with most of "Chopsie's" post, she could go to local fairs, local airshows, anyplace where people gather for an event. I doubt Walmart or Malls will be willing to let you stretch your wings unless an event or show is also happening at the time. The liability issue really...
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    Copy Right another country

    Maybe I should have my name changed......................:)
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    Copy Right another country

    Oh, sorry thought it was the VJ-22.
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    Copy Right another country

    Thank you Pwood, You can send the payment to PayPal at :) The rightful owners of the copyrights for Volmer Jensens designs. Darrell Whiteaker President - Volmer Club of America
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    Copy Right another country

    His site comes up when you Google or yahoo "Volmer vj-22", but the link "" doesn't go through using a desktop computer. You have to use a cell phone and then his webpage comes up. He is selling digital copies. Guess I could put up a warning about these bogarted plans on my forum...
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    Copy Right another country

    So what are the avenues I have to stop people from other countries selling my plans without my Russia. Am I just S.O.L. Darrell W President - Volmer Club of America
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    Jet Pack Racing

    Maybe when they stop having to fly over water it might say something. Seems like the crash rate is high since they only fly over water. Same with all the multicopter style platforms. No safety net. skeeter
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    I lightened my plane by 20-50 pounds

    I hit 249 lbs and got tired of getting tired just getting out off the sofa. I cut down on meal size and snacking. No rules just less. Still love my carbs. 8 mos. later i'm down to 223. My wife went on Jennie Craig because i was catching up on her. :) skeeter
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    In one pciture, why I never, ever, ever want Dual Instruction

    A real "leader" knows when to listen, when to speak up and when to act. I don't see any of that here. skeeter
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    A study of aircraft wood

    I would consider it strange that they split so differently. I would suggest doing multiple test and see if the result are the same. What kind of wood is the local wood? Darrell
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    making gussets with a hole saw?

    I cut 3" strips in 1/16th ply with my table saw, then used the included cheap sliding meter gauge set at 45 degrees. I eyeballed the cuts to each corner. Cut almost 1000 triangle gussets in about 15 minutes. After the rib is built i used my router with a flush laminate bit to shave off any...
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    Wood Aircraft Supplier Master List

    What is the length limit they won't ship? skeeter
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    Smithsonian (Duplicate) Big Plans For Evans Volksplane

    Then you have them scanned and put them on a thumb drive to view on your work computer. Or so i have been told..........:) skeeter