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    BD-5 - Why is it so engrained in our psyches?

    BD-5J with the thrust-line issue fixed: engine at the bottom of the fuselage.. One of the best lookin’ BD-5Js IMO. Powered by an Allison 250 I think. Has anyone successfully built one with a V or Y tail?? I think tip-tanks would look good on it with that ‘50’s jet straight wing action. Why...
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    Vertically-staggered tandem seating?

    Leidos Bronco 2 Light Attack Aircraft
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    Vertically-staggered tandem seating?

    I’ll take an Me-163 2 seater..
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    The United Parcel Service

    UPS stole Rob Dahm’s 4 rotor..
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    Nice 3/4 scale Zero with Verner

    Whaaat?! Is this a kit built Zero?!?! I NEED!! I don't have a FB account, where can I find out more about this Zero?!
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    Designing a removable one-piece horizontal stabilizer with advanced composites (self-study)

    Aren't all-flying horizontal stabs usually smaller in area? The VP-1/2 stabs are quite small as are the stabs on Pazmany's ac...
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    Arnold rule; Mike Arnold's aerodynamic ideas

    Just watch Mike’s vids on YT, he discusses the nozzle issue perfectly.
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    99 year old aeroplane with 3 horsepower takes flight!

    According to the details in the description of that EE Wren vid it has covered 87.5 miles on 1 Imp Gal!
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    Low aspect ratio sport plane ideas

    I wouldn't dare using a wide-angle vehicle camera, they have VERY poor visible detail range. I use them everyday in my work van. Its VERY hard to see motorcyclists.. and they aren't exactly small. They also get sun-blinded very easily too.
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    BLC wing small sport plane feasibility.

    The most kick-ass aircraft EVER made with BLC, on ALL control surfaces too (used a 5th turbine embedded in fuselage..)!! Probably the largest STOL aircraft ever created as well. The Shinmeiwa PS-1 and later US-2 PX-S STOL Flying Boat.mpg - YouTube Fun facts: Shinmeiwa/Shinmaywa is formerly...
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    Vortex generators on laminar flow airfoils

    Has anyone tried dimples (like a golf ball, but larger) as micro VGs? Seems like they'd have less of a drag penalty + more reliable.. never need to worry about replacing broken/missing VGs. Obviously, would be a lot harder too install after a build, but if implemented during a build not nearly...
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    Quickie/Q2/Dragonfly control arrangements

    I imagine the "Air brake belly board" would be used to reduce the floating/ground effect landing length?
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    Add Peripheral Exhaust Port To Renesis

    Kyle Mohan Racing has several vids on how-to properly do a Hybrid Renesis/13b engine.. (5 exhaust ports: 3 slots + 2 PP ports) He and Atkins Rotary sell the 5 port flanges.. Hybrid Renesis Rotary Engine Explained, what it needs, Mazda RX8 Kyle Mohan Racing, Mazdatrix - YouTube
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    Well, there are soo many cool aircraft out there, its a tough call. Ideally: 1 STOL, 1 Long-range cruiser and 1 aerobatic.. A Long-Ez with the ARES canard and full retracts would be cool.. (love canards) A composite Me-163 with a safe rocket engine would be an absolute blast... Gotta be...