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    Totally new type of IC engine.

    What exotic oils?? Any old automobile engine oil will work for the crankcase... And any old 2 stroke oil (don't use any bean oil that hasn't been degummed though) will work for the premix. Nothing exotic at all. Its best to disable or delete any oiling system that injects crankcase oil into...
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    Yokosuka MXY6

    I would LOVE to build a full scale Shinden some day.... as it is I'm building some 1/72 scale models right now... converting the J7W1 to my idea of what the J7W2 Shinden-Kai would look like. I also picked up a Diels Engineering 1/24 J7W1 Balsa Free-Flight model that I intend to convert to 30mm...
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    OV-10 Bronco Replica- Redux

    Not tough at all with a an all aluminum block Mazda 13b rotary (billet alum plates, with replaceable steel wear-plates) comes in at 109lbs w/o ancillaries and with a decent street port should be putting out an easy 150++ hp at the crank, if it were peri-ported in would be an easy 300++hp w/o...
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    Cartoonized Warbirds
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    Can anyone shed light on this little shrimp?

    Here’s the engine
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    Yamaha Motor Corp FIRST FLIGHT! ShinMaywa built Airplane

    No. This: The world’s largest STOL aircraft. Can take-off at 55kts AND 14ft swells!
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    BD-5 - Why is it so engrained in our psyches?

    Seems like the best bet for a BD-5J is lower the placement of the jet engine, fixing the thrust-line issue and also raising the stabilator. Or better yet a properly sized V-tail.
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    Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? Is it a Helicopter? Nope - I'm building one of those new drone thingy's!

    So, if the Jetson One is as small as they can get its still a FAR better option than ANY GA aircraft for absolute convenience of storage and take-off/landing area. Nothing comes close.
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    Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? Is it a Helicopter? Nope - I'm building one of those new drone thingy's!

    Except with quadcopters you don’t need to worry about tail swing and the giant spinning guillotine annnnd eventually, I bet they’ll be small enough to fit in a standard sized car parking space/GARAGE. No helicopter can do those things, NOT EVEN CLOSE, LOL. The V-22 is a death trap, they’re still...
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    BD-5 - Why is it so engrained in our psyches?

    BD-5J with the thrust-line issue fixed: engine at the bottom of the fuselage.. One of the best lookin’ BD-5Js IMO. Powered by an Allison 250 I think. Has anyone successfully built one with a V or Y tail?? I think tip-tanks would look good on it with that ‘50’s jet straight wing action. Why...
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    Vertically-staggered tandem seating?

    Leidos Bronco 2 Light Attack Aircraft
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    Vertically-staggered tandem seating?

    I’ll take an Me-163 2 seater..
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    The United Parcel Service

    UPS stole Rob Dahm’s 4 rotor..
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    Nice 3/4 scale Zero with Verner

    Whaaat?! Is this a kit built Zero?!?! I NEED!! I don't have a FB account, where can I find out more about this Zero?!
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    Designing a removable one-piece horizontal stabilizer with advanced composites (self-study)

    Aren't all-flying horizontal stabs usually smaller in area? The VP-1/2 stabs are quite small as are the stabs on Pazmany's ac...