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    Sad story

    seriously... taking a half that much risk with your own life is stupid enough!
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    Boeing phantom

    Rapid prototyping huh... i guess that explains all the waves in the side of the fuselage... kinda wish it had a pilot to try and save the day when some other half-assed part breaks while cruising over MY neighborhood.
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    Turbo normalized type 4 ?

    don't forget the biological's need for O2....
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    Now that that argument is over, may ask some questions? Am I correctly or incorrectly interpreting your statement on total time run to actually mean that 25 units have been run in airplanes for a combined total of 4000 hours? Meaning any one unit has only accumulated around 160 hours? I would...
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    seriously. show us a number of flying examples with plenty of hours on them, and we can all have a look at the results. Average car buyers are not discerning at all beyond pretty curves and a cd player that talks to them. Aircraft builders are too smart to fall for that kind of crap.
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    preceptor aircraft

    a solid plan indeed. Keep communicating and i have no doubt you can pull this company's reputation back to where it should be
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    Aerobatic Considerations

    it's not the destination.... it's the journey
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    Aerobatic Considerations

    Perhaps I should have been a little more specific. I do realize that I'm not building a giant model. I already know how R/C's deal with aerobatics and wouldn't need to ask ;D. I am working with Raymer's books right now for the sizing and conceptual layout. The main purpose for the aircraft is...
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    Cracked spark plug...stops mag output totally?

    I tend to agree that the P-lead is a more likely suspect. Perhaps not the looseness that you found. But if the mag stops sparking on all four plugs at once, that electricity is going somewhere. Find out where and you find your issue.
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    Aerobatic Considerations

    So I've been contemplating a design for many many years (built as a model when I was a kid). And I decided to start the design in earnest. I won't divulge any details just yet since I'm in the initial concept and sizing arena right now. However, my brain seems to dwell on things I have no...
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    Gelcoat pinholes problem.

    I'm in the Ohio river valley, so I totally understand the fight against moisture!
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    Gelcoat pinholes problem.

    for really critical stuff (ie painting clearcoats) a friend of mine who runs a hot rod shop uses a filter that looks like a roll of toilet paper at the regulator after a standard dryer. It's a one time use sort of thing, but everyone knows that ruining a $8000 paint job because of a couple of...
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    1st time using T88

    practicing with small throw away pieces??? That's almost too smart for me ;) well done sir, well done
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    Rebuilding a Lycoming IO-360

    thanks for that clarification Dan
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    Rebuilding a Lycoming IO-360

    Sorry Robby, the word IS certificated. Here's some examples to show the difference: I am a certificated Single Engine Land Pilot. Meaning that I hold that specific certificate. The use of "certified" looks like this: I am certified to fly an airplane. Meaning I have been approved by the FAA...