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    What was the first airplane you flew in and how old ?

    Schleicher K 7 Rhönadler glider when I was 20 years old. Also my first flight in any aircraft. C-150 followed when I was 28.
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    Units in Design

    The Glider by Stellio Frati from 1946 uses kg for force, which is OK for strength, but in fluid dynamics you have density as kg s^2/m^4, which is almost as confusing as slugs. Maybe Italy was slower to adopt, they had barely abandoned Roman numerals. :)
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    Units in Design

    I was trained in the 70's and already then we did all calculations in Newtons. We used some old material charts that used kp/mm2 for strength and kp/cm2 for pressure. No big deal as 1 kgf = 1 kp ≈ 10 N. I must say I haven't seen a new text book or a scientific paper for decades that uses kgf or kp.
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    American birch plywood

    I think you can get stamped plywood from Finland, but only by special order.
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    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    I think you have to pay whatever they ask next year.
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    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    You can now get the first year of Solidworks for Makers for $79.20 and it includes the NC Shop Floor Programmer.
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    What's your 'end of 2021' tool of choice to draw wirebook diagrams?

    I did the electric diagram of our vintage aircraft with the free version of Solid Edge 2D CAD. Just the size of the program is very large. You can download the complete free 3D/2D package with similar size...