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    there is a great group of sonerai builders i am going to build a stretch model my self i just have to finish some of my other projects first i want to build mine with a p40 look
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    P-40B Tomahawk

    p40 my favorite Got your email well sad to say i have not started mine yet! I have to finish my car first as it is taking my space in the garage 56 ford Victoria hope to have it done by fall and can start my p40 I'll be using a sonerai ls fuslage and probably sidewinder wings still working...
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    Tail Draggers

    taildragger trans I'm in the middle of tailwheel training in a c-140 and i tell you what if i was trying to teach myself i'd be in big trouble. everything happens so fast if you make a little mistake its not even funny. absolutey get some help from a good instructor it will save you lots of...
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    Loehle 5151

    insurance Thanks jman i read the news letter GREAT NEWS
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    Loehle 5151

    5151 speed comes with a price! i've looked up a few models there is the sal 5151, war 5151 faster models but costly. im starting a p40 mixing a sonerai fuslage with a set of sidewinder wings andim going to run a mazda engine @ 150 hp if i can get the insurance. seems the insurance companys...
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    anybody have a one off design non standard engine that has insurance ? In my probing around i've heard different accounts that unproven planes are hard to insure . any body have any experiance here? just looking for the liability part, not hull scott
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    Tinbuzard - One off design

    tin buzzard what gear are you using ? did you fab them?
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    First Flight Planning

    TIN BUZZARD wow that was a great article and sounds textbook. anal ha! no such thing when your life depends on it . prepared is what is sounds like to me. good job! I plan to be that way too when i get mine going scott
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    Need Your Opinion Please

    don't make it any more complicated than it needs to be my opinion is its just fine the way it is !
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    Tinbuzard - One off design

    whew tin buzzard looks like a good candidate for a turbine to me !
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    My new workshop! (Pic)

    capt john come on now, a real mans garage uses the old ladys rose bush !not a urinal:D
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    Best kit/ plan for student pilot- under 20k

    try there is a couple tripacers 14,000
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    Best kit/ plan for student pilot- under 20k

    kirbster whew! tall order have you thought of a sonerai 2 stretch 140 mph on a vw engine tandem seating can be built for 12-15,000 but i would not want to learn in one of course you could buy a nice 150-152 for under 20,000 no prob even ifr 90.00 wet **** i'd find another airport or get...
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    The MiFyter

    biplane who's red baron ? beautiful !! hows it fly?
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    Rags and tubes

    specs actually the wings i had in mind were designed with 1450 gross plane 850 empty on 125 hp i haven't got to all the numbers yet and you are right at 1200 that do'es not leave much. i'm in the concept stage or dream stage as you will and trying to get my info together first. since i have...