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Apr 12, 2019
    1. Eagle
      You might try to get with Dan Thomas on here either with a thread directed toward the 150 airframes, or maybe contact him directly. I remember him bringing up some issues about problems with the airframes in some of the older (Cessna I believe) airplanes. Its been a while and I don't remember the details. I could be remembering incorrectly, but I'm pretty sure it was Cessna related. Good luck with your search.
    2. fingersong
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    3. TJay
      All I know it the ex guy, is that he use to work for challenger stole his ideas then quite and made a clone of the challenger. kinda sad if you ask me but thats the way it goes. and there is no possible way it out performs a challenger with that engine sticking up there in the slip stream. that is if they are using the same hp engine. yeah if you put a 100 hp up there then they will out do most all challengers. I woldn't go near an ex. there are thousands of flight hrs out there in challengers. stick with them. I think I have my challenger sold but I kinda hope the sale falls through ha I love that bird.
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    Owner/operator of tractor trailer. I've worked as a carpenter, autobody man, welder/pipefitter(navy)

    Have never flown other than a passenger on airlines. I am interested in learning to fly this year(2015) and purchasing my own elsa. I particularly interested in Challenger 2 and/or CGS Hawk 2.


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