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I am a Design engineer by profession and after years of looking around I still cant find a plane that satisfies my mission:

2+2 seater (Jabiru 230/450 cabin size with 250-300lb rear seat capacity and a separate door to load/unload)
150mph+ cruise(RV9 territory),
Low stall speed (LSA territory),
Close to STOL (200-300ft similar to RVs and approaching Highlander/Kitfox),
Folding wings for trailering and storage in a small enclosed trailer (one man, one minute job)
AM13/15 Aeromomentum/yamaha engine (Rotax 912is/915is territory without the Rotax costs)
<400 hr build time (better than RV12)
Build support of 2 weeks to taxi (with $5k-$7k as the gyrocopter guys charge for their 2 weeks to taxi not Glasair)
Kit cost ( less than RV12 territory & not RV14/RV10)
Construction: Welded Roll cage with metal skin (similar to S21 outbound, of glastar but no fabric)
Wing location: high wing (easy ingress/out, shade, more voluminous feel inside, better view looking down)
Wing type: struts (S21 outbound) or cantilevered (vashon ranger)
Engine location: tractor for better efficiency with as small engin + exploit a bigger prop upfront
Gear: rugged for training + allows the use of bigger tires for local STOL flying
Dallas, TX
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