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    Stitch and glue (or tack and tape) airplanes?

    I have been thinking about making my own "plywood" out of composites. Sheet both sides of 1/4" foam with S-glass, or carbon. Then use the flat panel method with bulkheads, taping all the seams inside and out. The Woodstock sailplane is where I am thinking of using this method, but could be used...
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    Experimental Exhibition Sailplane: Modifications, Add Self-Launch Engine

    If a sailplane is registered as "Experimental Exhibition" can I maintain and modify it the same as an "Experimental" home built sailplane that I purchase? Is it possible to retrofit an "Experimental Exhibition" sailplane to add a self launch engine (talking about the paperwork side, not the...
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    Airfoil Template CNC

    Thanks for the reply. The largest airfoil chord is 44". I will check these guys out. Really appreciate it!
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    Airfoil Template CNC

    Thank you for the reply, really appreciate it!
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    Airfoil Template CNC

    Hi, looking for someone around the MPLS MN area that can cut some airfoil templates on a CNC machine, from a material such as 1/8" hardboard for example. I would supply coordinates and possibly template material. Prefer to deal in person. Willing to travel up to 100 miles. Thank you.