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  • Hello! I'm the guy in LA with the 3 cylinder Verner going on an Airbike. I would like to try to improve the Verner by doing away with the Walbro in favor of an EFI system, if that makes any sense. Does Racetech offer a system for this?
    Who do I talk to about it or what resources are available for me to begin educating myself on the subject?
    Thanks, Dan Riffe
    Hi Dan,

    Unfortunately we no longer offer systems for 3 cylinder engines. The market is just too small to justify the time spent to keep writing the software.


    Hey Ross, I might stop by your place and visit you sometime. I work at the Calgary airport in Flight Simulation.
    Sure. Call us first 403-671-4015, we are really busy these days working 60 hour weeks. Cheers. Ross
    I just read your unabridged '05 Kitplanes article, which includes a fair comparison between an O-360 and your early Subaru installation. Every time I read something you've written, I gain more respect for you.
    Good day Ross
    I am looking to do my own conversion on the honda l15a. I will be using your ecu(aircraft), but I want to turbocharge just to obtain full power to about 8000 feet. I live at about 4300 feet and we see temperatures of 35 centigrade. In your opinion would should I change the pistons to low compression type for about 8psi boost. Thanks in advance

    hello sir,im building my own p-51 replica.im planning on converting subaru ea81 for the aircraft.
    i can get the engine.but its quiet hard to get the psru.may i get some advice from you on this matter please.
    Hey Ross,

    Planned placement for radiator, oil cooler, and intercooler is an open question.

    The reason that I was hoping to get an engineering approach for heat rejection is that I wanted to consider several approaches. To analyze them, I was intending to work from known heat rejection capability of the components under certain conditions, then work out how much air at how much speed, how much weight, etc and try to pick the best scheme.

    So, have you extracted any characteristics from the database that are useful for design? Or is it “this works fine with similar HP and climb speed”? If the data is extensive, I would like to extract some characteristics (waste heat per unit area of core, waste heat per unit volume of core, delta T's) and stratify by other operating characteristics (depth of core, climb airspeed, max altitude, air speed at radiator, duct area ratio). Would you part with a copy of your database if I promised to share the extracted data?

    Hello Ross, I'm Lou, from Tulsa. I believe Myron queried in my behalf regarding my Suzuki 2.7 mini merlin with Dan Hawken's belt drive. Trying to decide if'n I should use it or get a gear drive or even swapping it for Titan honda or GM. I could use some advise. Lou . 918 520 5843

    Wondered if you'd run across the recent press releases for the new Nissan DIG -T 1.5L 3 cylinder turbo GDI race engine. Specs. are 88 lbs. and 400HP- not a misprint, though they are not counting some of the accessories- and its all happening at only 7500 RPM. Ever since we dialed in Suzuki's 660cc turbo Arctic Cat sled engine on our test cell years ago and verified its smoking 120HP, I've been dreaming of a 1.5L big brother to it that would pencil in at 272HP based on that same moderate state of tune. Google the Nissan engine and take a look at the 360 degree views of this new engine package. If I'm reading this right we are looking at turbine HP and proportionate weight in a piston engine. From what i can see in the photos they are already running a remote dry sump oil system. Give a call at my 575-737-9656 phone number whenever you have time. I would like to get your impression. Thanks.

    Hi Ross.....

    I see you have commented in this thread.....

    SuperCharging a RV-7 = Speed & Power - Page 2 - VAF Forums

    I have some questions for ya if you care to answer them...
    Hey, thanks for sharing all your knowledge about turbos.
    I'd really like to get into learning much more, and getting some hands-on experience with turbos. At the end of the summer I'll be looking to buy my next airplane and really like the idea of using a non-conventional engine. Anyway, I've ordered a couple of books on turbos but thought the best way to get some real knowledge was to take an old car and turbocharge it. The only thing I have, as I can't really afford to buy something else right now, is a 95 mazda protoge, not the best candidate for this but its all I have. It has a 1.5 L 4 cyl. Is this doable?

    If so can you point me to some websites where I can buy the parts so I can start piecing it together. I found this site:
    BEGI Shanghai-S Turbo System Miata BEGi
    Their kits are a little bit expensive, would it be cheaper to buy the components separately?
    Thanks again,
    Hi Paul,

    Sounds like you have the background to do it. Viable covers a big list but there are hundreds of EJs flying all over the world so they can work well. Here is a link to our site describing a lot of the things I did to mine including fabbing the intake: SDS EM-3: Aircraft. The EJ is a loot heavier than the EA of course.

    Hi Ross,
    Thanks for the reply. Appreciate your caution. I was not intending to rebuild the engine, assuming one comes along, but I have already got an EA81 on the Zodiac 601 I've just finished. I'm quite happy fitting a gearbox and the electronics are my field anyway. I've read a bit from people who have done conversions and I'd like to have a go. The one thing at the moment that puzzles me is why build a new inlet manifold. That would be something I couldn't do on my own. Converting an EJ22 would be the only way to go in terms of economy to get an engine with a little more power than the EA81. I'm about. to convert the EA81 to the Ford EDIS system and plan to use the Megajolt ECU.
    As I originally said, from someone who's done it, it would be good to get an informed opinion as to whether it's viable, bearing in mind I can always get parts fabricated if necessary.

    Hi There,
    Just joined the forum. Considering converting the EJ22 non-turbo engine. Would appreciate your insight into viability and pitfalls.

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