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    Webinar - Composites and Graphene: Stronger Together

    Because I'm a curious guy who has some space available at his factory I'm currently investigating the costs to set up a laboratory with the appropriate levels of containment, air filtration etc to allow me to safely start experimenting with graphene powder in epoxy resins etc to see what what...
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    Ducted fan aircraft

    Thrust per fan, or for the two of them?
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    Spray can mold release - silicone or non-silicone?

    Interesting! Got the cans late today for $10 per box of 10 cans so hopefully the product works well
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    Spray can mold release - silicone or non-silicone?

    I've got the opportunity to buy some spray can mold release at a really good price (business closing down) - I'm struggling to find any information on it though other than that it is a non-silicone mold release. Would that be suitable for composites or ?
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    How do "Conversations" work

    OK thanks!
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    How to bevel Nomex Honeycomb

    Pitts - take a look at that youtube video that I posted of the Lantor Soric with different carbon fibre layups - it may give you the answer to what you are seeking.
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    How to bevel Nomex Honeycomb

    If you workout how to PM him can you please let me know the secret?:)
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    How to bevel Nomex Honeycomb

    I did find this online which may help some people -
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    How to bevel Nomex Honeycomb

    BoKu - do you have any information on the weights of Soric vs Nomex honeycomb of the same mm thickness? I haven't seen a lot of info that enables a like for like comparison of weight for the same thickness.
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    How to bevel Nomex Honeycomb

    Cheers BoKu - I just tooks a look at the Soric and it looks like a very useful product to have a roll of!
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    Building more crash-worthy composite planes and cockpits

    Winginitt - I'm the OP and unfortunately you are broadening this topic more than what I was wanting which means that we are losing the focussed detail that I was wanting. If we can now get back to the original topic that would be appreciated.
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    Ducted fan aircraft

    Last I saw on the www was that they were swapping out the BMW motorcycle engine for one of the new Rotax engines
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    DIY Prepreg?

    I don't think that I am quite at that stage yet but I think that it has a sufficiently good risk/reward or cost/chance of success to make it worthwhile giving it a go. Will certainly let you all know how it goes.
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    Gear Box Failure @ 43 Hours

    Hats off to Ron for his data collection and compilation efforts - facts and figures are far more useful than most of the information that is spread around. One odd thing that struck me with that list given their supposed problems with torsional vibration killing PSRU's etc - no Mazda Rotaries...