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    N-numbers: bending the rules?

    Only civilian, private and commercial aircraft are required to have "N" numbers. Aircraft operated by federal government agencies and the military do not normally have "N" numbers.
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    Beachner V8 Special

    I thought I would "bump" this thread again. I am still looking for a set of plans for the Beachner V-8 Special. If anyone has a set they would like to part with, I would appreciate it if you let me know.
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    experimental help

    I suggest you take a look at the Panther. It is within your budget and does most of what you want to do. As an extra feature, it is also trailerable. FlyPanther.net
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    Spitfire by Gos Aero?

    The Aussie kit is now in the USA. They have a 75% and a 90% version. We visited them last summer and it is a first class operation. The airplanes are very nice. Here's the link: Supermarine Aircraft
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    Falco F.8L

    Corby Starlet info here: Welcome to the Corby Starlet Website There is a Corby Starlet airframe on Barnstormers for sale. Asking $4500.00. Hard to imagine building one for less than that. There is also a finished and flying one on Barnstormers for $15K.
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    Falco F.8L

    Take a look at the Corby Starlet. A simple, straight forward, all-wood airplane. Nice flyer as well. For what it is worth, most Falcos are built by first time builders.
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    homebuilt twins

    One of my favorites is the Phillips Speedtwin: Phillips ST.1 Speedtwin, G-GPST, Private
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    twin engine light sport plans?

    There have been several homebuilt twins that came to market but none have been successful. One of my all time favorites is the Phillips Speed Twin. Phillips ST.1 Speedtwin, G-GPST, Private
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    Fastest Light Sport Airplane?

    Yes, one S-LSA airplane that is fast is the Sting. I fly these airplanes regularly and at higher altitudes I see TAS of around 130 knots. If you can get a little tailwind, 150 knots is no problem. Sting S3 & Sirius: Light Sport Aircraft I have seen some references to "75% power". There is...
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    Falco F.8L

    There are several really nice Falcos for sale out there right now. Because of the depressed economy, you can buy one of these planes for less than it would cost to build one. If you would rather fly than build and you want a Falco, check this site: Sequoia Aircraft Corporation and click on...
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    Experimental Limitations

    Aircraft in the Experimental Exhibition category cannot carry passengers for hire unless they have a waiver. Some large organizations (EAA, CAF, others) have these waivers.
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    Flight school recommendation resource?

    If you have not done it yet, join AOPA. Then, sign up for your free six month subscription to Flight Training Magazine. Lot's of good stuff in there. Flight schools that advertise in this magazine tend to be top drawer. As a member of AOPA, their member services department can tell you if...
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    Prowler Aviation Jaguar

    I have taken on a new project (actually, 2). I purchased the prototype Prowler Aviaton Jaguar which had been damaged in an off-airport landing. I also purchased a partially built Prowler Jaguar Kit (kit #13). While Prowler Aviation has been out of business since the mid 90's, a couple of fellows...
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    V8 Powered aircraft comeback?

    You don't have to imagine it. You can go to this page on my website and watch/hear the video: Prowler Aviation Jaguar The Prowler is one awesome airplane.
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    Personal Design

    If you like the Falco, you will really like this: http://www.falcomposite.com