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    DIY Prepreg?

    The French epoxy manufacturer Sicoin have a 'home made' prepreg system call SiPreg. After wetting out the fabric it takes about 24 hours to b-stage and then you have DIY prepreg with a decent outlife. The system does require heat cure. Andrew
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    Sling Aircraft

    It must be the Sting as there are no fatal crashes in Slings to date. Airplane Factory did extensive spin testing when the aircraft was in development and even lost one into the sea with the pilots baling out. Its widely used for training in South Africa and very successfully. If anything the...
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    Sling Aircraft

    I know about 15 guys that have built Sling 2’s and 4’s at my local airfield in Cape Town. An awesome aircraft and I fly in many of them frequently as they have the constant speed propeller my company manufactures. The Slings, being a South African design, are obviously very popular here. The...
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    composite tube for framing !!

    A Hungarian company has built an aerobatic aircraft using carbon tubes bonded to welded steel 'joints': http://genevation.hu/ A picture of the carbon tubes can be seen in this thread: https://www.avcom.co.za/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=204212 With enough bondline area and excellent bonding processes...
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    High Density Foam for Hardpoints

    Try Corelite Composites in Dallas. They have 27pcf Corelite board, which is normally used for boat transoms. It has excellent screw retention properties. https://www.corelitecomposites.com/corelite-board.html
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    New constant speed propeller for Rotax 912/Jabiru 3300

    Hi VB I am sure the propeller would work on other engines, but as a small company we have had to focus on extensive testing on the largest markets available to us, hence propeller systems designed to suit the Rotax 912/914 and the faster spinning Jabiru 3300. Propellers are obviously highly...
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    New constant speed propeller for Rotax 912/Jabiru 3300

    Hello all During the development of the AXSport carbon fibre aerobatic LSA we had to build a few propellers for these aircraft. First wood, then ground adjustable carbon. This led over the past few years into the AXSport Aviation constant speed propellers. Developed for the Rotax 912/914 and...
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    Who has designed an airplane?

    Empty weight is with the 235 although the 320 surprisingly didn't weigh that much more. Both engines had aftermarket fuel injection conversions. The South African LSA limit is 150 knots. I must start a new thread on the next 'variant' of AX - it's the same fuselage, but tricycle gear and a...
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    Who has designed an airplane?

    1 design completed, the next one within a few months 2 aircraft completed, 1 flying, the other waiting for an engine and canopy design goal - pulling lots of g, having fun flying aerobatics - definitely met! some details here: Home
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    New Experimental Turboprop

    SA Ravin in South Africa has been developing something similar (6 seat turboprop, all composite) for the past few years. First flight is expected this year. Some details of the prototype build can be found here: AvCom • View topic - NEW TURBO PROP COMPOSITE 6 SEATER!!!